It’s 13 hundred hours in Central NATO Time

Three hours for the Big Central Europe GAME Time…

Keep Your Squelch–On!

In the mean time,
let’s talk billiards strategy
in a game played by political animals
fig. 1:


This set up is called “the fixing your red right–upper ball to penetrate the entire blue setup on the left; it’s the shrewdest of all setups. Notice the shift in the frame…

All the nEwes that fit… Fair use of all Media in the Programming… Still to come: Asterix vS Los Pitufos.

TimeStamp: California Dreaming, with Fishbone “suffering” because a “Big Baby” is crossing the Atlantic right now… in the mean time, we wait for the Big Match… it’s Five minutes ‘till 4h20 in Central NATO Time, Ewe’all.


…TimeStamp: 18 hundred hours in Central NATO Time. Right now where the Parisian streets have funny names, at least on the 1st District, one can see a bunch of Cocks looking for a coop to watch the match…for the uninitiated, Le Coq is the National Symbol of the Frogs, now it’s been said that Ben Franklin suggested a fucking Turkey for the Original Thirteen Colonies symbol, but noooooooo, God damn Mason George pushed for a Bald Eagle, personally, Fenster The Copy Editor and Teeny Tiny Cat prefer the Turkey, especially for Leftovers.

To WINE down… with a Spanish ROSE in the ROLE OF A FRENCH Grenache:

It feels fine, Mick… it feels peachy at 18 hundred and 47 hours in Central NATO Time:

Los Rukos Rodantes… Jazz Hour Follows and then it’s GAME TIME.

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