“Start spreading the nEwes” — New York.

hey, Rachel Maddow,

It’s too bad you don’t read this most inconsequential blog, becsuse Boy—ol’Boy! Have we got scored a Full Circle on this One… here’s part one:

Paris is Alive

Previously, on this most inconsequential blog, but during a different fútbol tournament:

…Coming UP: il Doucho de New York

il Doucho reloaded…

Heard at a Nationalist convention:

A strong arm megalomaniac asks:

The effervescent sheeple in a Real Estate Sponsored sports arena respond:

TimeStamp: The 11th Hour in Central NATO Time.

… and Yes! New York Magazine, we’ve been trying to tell Rachel Maddow that Trump is the mirror image of Mussolini with a shot of Fat Decaying Elvis for about two– or–three years now.

Of course he is being handled by Vlad “The Man”… Donald is the “bitch”. Just ask Steven Segal, or any one of the band members od Dire Straits… “That’s the way you do it,” i tell’ya—“These vagabond shoes” know what that Saint Petersburg is cooking.

Stick around, we’ll be right back!!!


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