minuto 43’ Japón 0 — Belgica 0

…manos de mantequilla en el arco belga!!!

… minuto 45’… i know, Maj. Hunt—Eye know. It’s a dirty job but somebody has got to do it. Somebody has to confront the sycophants on the Koch Brothers pocket…

minuto 48’
JAPÓN 1 — Belgica 0

… and this, Maj. Hunt is why you skipped the pre-school ranks of 1st Lieutenant and Captain

minuto 52’
JAPÓN 2 — Belgica 0

… and made it all the way to the rank of Major; sorry about the interruptions, but the “nippones” are really—really motivated to move on to the next phase in the Vladimir Putin fútbol tournament.

Anygüey, without noticing i was digressing:

… it has got to be a though job having to rhetorically ask the Tim Phillips, of The American for Prosperity (KLAN) what he (or rather his two fucking bosses) think about Donald Trump’s trade wars, which every political junkie knows is a front to keep the STUPID AMERICAN PEOPLE from finding out about THE RUSSIAN PROSTITUTE’S piss Tape.

minuto 69’
Japón 2 — BELGICA 1

minuto 74’

minuto 90’
BELGICA 3 — Japón 2
Ohhhhhhh, The HUMANITY!!!

The Most Beautiful Game in The Tournament so far.

WASP… by any other name. Hypocrite by denomination. Asshole, by choice.

Hey, Cousin Joe… what a game, too bad that Ewe don’t follow fútbol… but motherfucker—Eye do follow Ewe and it’s a real tale of the tape witnessing how Ewe let Mika, Ewe’r 15–year in the cheating lane–mate* pal do the Tea Bagger®️ segment, but worst Ewe fucking WaPo pimp is that you threw Kasie Hunt into the mound in order to hurl the passive–agressive questions to your golfing buddy (Tim Phillips) from the Koch team.

*… your words, Cousin Joe—Your words.

… TimeStamp: 3 p.m. in Montréal, EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

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