BREAKING THE NEWS… in Central fip Time à Montréal

Hoy no hubo Calexico en Issy–les-Moulineaux…

Issy… así son. Lo único que el suelo mexicano sirve para las Sirenas es para ir de vacaciones, y ya mejor no digo nada because Eye Have no Class.

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in CET… the Sirens have chosen WAR before heading for Montego Bay. Damn You, Sirens—Damn EWE and your song!

Coming Up:
The Sirens con Acento…
bring it ON!

This cannot be unseen… just like the damage that Canadian mining companies have bestowed —con acento— on the little Mexican town where i learned to love Jazz… with Ray Conniff inside the monthly shopping sprees at Soriana…ironic if Ewe could step outside of the little bubble where beautiful sounds resonate… Lean on Me.

Make it right, Canada, oh Canada. We [the staff] don’t care about the plaid in front of Canadian children.

… let’s take it higher, eh!?


GAME TWO FOLLOWS… la fiesta sigue. Felicidades Brasil.

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