… the good thing about this blog: is that Frank Ocean* doesn’t read it

* Frank Ocean, of course, being the reincarnation of Frank Sinatra robbing one of Andy Garcia’s casinos in Sin City, U,S,A.

mientras tanto en Toronto

TimeStamp: minuto 65’
Mexico 2 — Corea del Sur 0

… mientras tanto en Washington, North Korea becomes a Nuclear threat for the Trump hotel. It’s not even the two week mark since Donald was praising Kim Jung il for being a very nice guy with his own people and now we are back at square… wait! are there any square zero left: ehhhhhhh PUTO?!?!?!

TimeStamp: minuto 90’

Mexico 2 — Corea del Sur 1

Mientras tanto en fip Central Station… it’s Uno à Cero

We [the staff] arrived late into the first half of the match, however, the Sirens kept the tally up to a delayed minute… and the score, tastes just  like honey.


Alemania 2 — Suecia 1

… Blueprints have been sketch en ese tipo de “tiros libres INDIRECTOS”, precisión Alemana. ¡Golazo! Si Suecia fuese un toro de lidia, la estocada hubiese sido FULMINANTE. ¡Golazo!

TimeStamp: 22h00 CET



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