For the record: Corazon (sin acento) it’s HighNoon in Central Europe Time

In OHIO it’s Six in the morning in Eastern Standard Time… Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young—plus one of the Original “runaways” follow.

American Icon, by John DeAndrea
Kent State 1991—2015
Woman figure: 113,7 x 105.4 x 68,6 cm. (approx).
Man figure: 19,1 x 188 x 58,4 cm (approx.)

Full-dressed doodle on John DeAndrea’s Grisaille in Oil on Bronze is based on a pulitzer prize snapshot. }-—-~~~\*>  DeAndrea’s work is showing at the GEORGES PHILIPPE –NATHALIE VALLOIS Gallerie (75006) until the 21st of July.

Peintre à l’huile grise sur bronze; cheveux et poils acryliquesGrisaille in O.I.L. on Bronze; locks, tresses and pubic hair acrylic. 

⇑… based on John Filo’s visual testimony of May the 4th1970, at Kent State University, of a 14 year-old runaway (Ann Vecchio) kneeling over the body of Jefferey Miller. Miller was shot by National Guard part-time (weekend) soldiers for protesting against an U.S. lead invasion into Cambodia. Neil Young would register those events in his Ohio « tribute » album, Cosby, Stills, and Nash would be playing the role of « Crazy Horse ».


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