Ceremonial Award — “i like Fidel Castro and his beard*”

… please Stand-by for programming.

The above must be read in a Brian Williams Voice.

TimeStamp: the eleventh hour… and “the times they are a changing,” right now The Urban Code on the wall says that it is HighNoon.

Brian Williams:
—I can’t tell if it was the “curado de guayaba” —con Sotol, or the tepache con peyote that brought to mind the brief “Selecciones” snippets under the tag: Laughter, the best medicine, but let me tell you, Kasie, that when the Six Ring Circus rolled out in that mini version of Swedish Volvo, i was expecting to see a bunch of ponies  coming out of the trunk, however, the flashbacks from the imgur’s really, really, —really— “threw a Reader’s Digest at my Head”, and as that up-and-comer young whipper-snapper just mentioned in his song, “I did do a somersault.”

Kasie Hunt:
It was a Riot seeing you display those acrobatic skills Brian; and how’bout that fellow who calls himself Robert Allen Zimmerman who just performed for i, I think we’ll be reading a lot abot him in the years to come, eh?

—You betcha.

Next  up:

Maya Angelou tells Evan where the Third Room is at.

… and it’s all because of the spell of a two-tone cat:

Right now, the Full Dress Parade in honor of Teenie Tiny Cat is taking a break, participating squadrons and regimental batallions can head over to A.M. Joy’s Division Headquarters where Peas and  Rice is on the menu, over at the Cavalry Museum the Ezcaramusas will do another presentation for the F-troops.

TimeStamp: 13 hundred hours at Le Pont d’Alma in Central Europe Time.


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