Ladies in Gemeni, please stand for the Singing of OUR National Anthem by Atahualpa Yupanqui.

Master Sergeant 

Teeny Tiny Cat

TimeStamp: 20h40 in all latitudes of the World…

Kasie Hunt:
Willie!!! I’m supposed to be opening the ceremony, we’re celebrating a pussy cat, not a cocky dick.

Willie Geist:
Exactly, Lieutenant … what am I? Joe Scarborough?

Kasie Hunt:
Huh?!… you do have a point there, so how did you ever get to be called a Willie, isn’t that short for —well, you know.

— Well, Lieutenant… I do have tendency to be a dick when Mika does not approve.

— Oh, that’s right you do tend to get your skeevies up in a bunch when Mika get’s in her zone… anygüey, Willie, let’s switch it over to the interns checking out who’s descending to the Parade Field at the underground level –3, eh?

— Hey, have-at-it, Lieutenant. You’ve got the rank, but I’ve got the pay-grade.

— Ahhhh, I see where Ewe get Ewe’r call sign from, go ahead, Jimmy, show us the cat-walk at The escalator…

Kasie Hunt:
— Yes, we kind of predicted that the “Bee–bayonet Regiment” would be walking the Sirens in, say Willie, who is that mermaid wearing for this ceremony? Might that be a Pescado de Oyuki Gown?

Willie Geist:

Indeed, Lieutenant, the bone tail gives it away, but right now we’ve got to switch it over to Chief Warrant Officer Williams because the ‘ezcaramusa’ team is getting ready to get the dressage show on the road.

…TimeStamp: 23h33.

Kasie Hunt:
Arre, pues, ezcaramuso!


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