Once de la mañana—Central Europe Time

Buenos días tengan sus mercedes,
hoy es 22 de mayo del 2018 y,
mañana bailaremos otro vals con Marianne
à la préfecture de Cité.

the great waste at the French Crossroad… context continues to follow, eh!

Plastic Hamburger served by a Fantastic Negrito… or some band like that
at Issy-Les-Moulineauxwhere else, eh?

Next Stop: CALEXICO and a road Atlas.

Moving on, it’s 16h22 at fip Central station with, The Left Hand Free, according to Alt-J mean while, in Venezuela, no word yet if Sean Penn has openned up the ‘Vino Tinto’ to celebrate Comandante Chavez  vinotinto’s hand-picked replacement puppet  … perdon—perdón, hand-picked replacment gallo.

In Washington, Kasie DC kind of celebrated the occasion in the best way she knows how, by making yet again, another subliminal fashion statement.

Way to wear that ‘guinda’, K.

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