Animal Planet had it all wrong — Dear, David Icke, meet your Tocayo Byrne…

The Other Side of Life … via Grown Backwards, on youtube, with yet another David on the plate.

Flash Informativo — NEWS FLASH

… it’s been confirmed that the snapshot of the Donald Trump ancestry lineage, captured by our in-house shutterbug, segoviaspixes, has been scientifically verified by the factual fiction board of wild life photography, in just a few minutes we [the staff] will be releasing the shocking image to the word, but first, we “switch it” over to Cousin Joe, who should be back at Rockefeller Center along with Katy Kay… no word if the Big Kat will be sporting any Spectacles for the announcement of tomorrow’s new addition to the lizard family... new addition to the Royal family in the U.K., eh.

… Anygüey, Willie Guiest, Donald Trump might cite that when he was referring “to some deportees as being worst than animals”, that he was evoking the sentiments that he holds for the Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS–13 criminal organization, fair enough, but the problem with his remarks is that these end up settling in the minds of his base (followers) and immediately trigger a synapse that take their monkey–evolved brains (just like mine) to June of 2015 when he called my relatives, friends and one–time neighbors rapists and criminals. His psychopatic discourse is no accident or slip–of–the–Tounge, nope; it is purely Hitlerian, and that is why we, [the staff] call Donald Trump, The Exception to Godwin’s Swine Shifting Rule… yup.

TimeStamp: No Regrets! in Central NATO Time.

Yup, forget “Sir” David Attenborough “Aquatic Ape BBC Televised hypothesis,” because both Buffon and Darwin had it ALL wrong… in Trump’s world it’s all about the “Aquatic Swine Theory”… Context follows. }—-~~~\*>  Foto and special FX por armando segovia – segoviaspixes 2018 — Swineren background with a pussy cat on top is courtesy of L’avant comptoir du Marché à Saint Germain–des–Pres / ODEON; 75006.

TimeStamp: 20h00 in Central Siren Time.

Book X: 503 – 574; The Death of ElpenorADDENDUM  One  to  Homer’s  Odyssey — Fuck It!: 01 – 13:

The Swineren

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