The exception to Godwin’s Swine Shifting rule — Dear, David Icke, part IV

Previously, on asegovia3:

Hey Kasie Hunt, you look great in Gray…”
and the good thing about this most inconsecuential blog is that Mika doesn’t follow, if she did she’d be wearing Grey and that silky scarf you so famously wore before… anygüey, Cousin Joe had the morning off and she’s a smoking in the Boys Room—Again!

Coming up on Ancestry dot com… ever wonder why Donald Trump has the features and “the bristly hide,” of a swine, when we return, we’ll tell you all about it. Stick around.

But first, a look at the latest presidential Circle Jerk with a sample of the “heartland of ‘Murica’”.  It’s a Knock Out that, Ewe, don’t want to miss, missy.

TimeStamp: 15h00 CET

Hey pig, you might not know it, but based on the same ‘scientific fiction’ that denies Climate Change, which in part got you elected and, which also challenges ‘scientific theory’, it is a fact that you are less than three degrees in separation to the bloodline of Elpenor… It’s in the SCRIPTURES! Book Ten: 503 to 574. We [the staff] know a big unknown as to why during your younger years Ewe were such a fucking COWARD, clever–yes, but also not the bravest when it came to Battles. EWE fucking Wether are nothing like Senator John McCain (R-AZ), we [the Staff] might not like the Senator’s politics, but we [the Staff] most definietly respect his time in uniform… Oink, Oink, Commander-in-chief! OINK–OINK.

TimeStamp: 17h40 in Central Europe Time

…and yes Axl Rose, wouldn’t Ewe know it, it’s in motherfucking Greek.

Later on the programming, we dig deep into the Scrolls  of ancient Scripture in search of the other half of the Trump bloodline. It’s blurry, sketchy, fishy and abominable, disgustingly abominable; and it promises to deliver the most–abominable–freak show you’ve ever Woke from.

… mannnn, remember when no president was above the law?  —Hey, blondie, slow down with them whippets, you are going to ruin the whipped cream happy ending… Yo! CIA man, did you bring the cherries?

Our high-speed-low–drag shutterbug segoviaspixes snapped a pix from one the of the Trumps in full Shapeshift mode, right now, Kasie Hunt, we are verifying the authenticity of the footage…

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