Tonalá… no encuentro las palabras.

… please, wait one:

Right know, all of México, and maybe even Cannes, or San Sebastian—a lo mejor hasta Berlin, Toronto, Aspen, et. al. have heard or been acquainted with a little city called Tlatlalá… perdón, se nos cruzaron los cables con Tlataya, sin Embargo entre Tonalá, o Tlataya, o—entre una ESTAFA MAESTRA (perpetrada por ex alumnos de La Sorbonne, de Los Ivy Leagues y los Oxfords del Reino Unido, maybe—maybe even Sciences Po!!!) y la impunidad y el verdadero cinismo institucionalizado: en EL PATIO TRASERO DE LOS EEUU—NO PASA NADA. ¡No pasa más que una gran chingada!

“You Can Feel it All Over! People. “

Stevie Wonder.

En Tijuana sigue siendo jueves, y mientras [al Staff] nos quede pila seguiremos dando lata… TimeStamp: 00 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

Voz de Uma Thurman:
time to play ketchup —in a pulp fiction context.

Last Weekend, tonight — post–State visit review de Jupiter à Washington.

Ladies in Gemeni, our apologies, but technical difficulties with our local mobile carrier and a long overdue amber rhum hangover that struck right after a hearty soup from our favorite nourriture joint knocked the staff right on it’s back on the bank right below the Arts Bridge en el lado del 75001. And, so, we missed the Jupiter speech as it happened live, but thank goodness for political junkies everywhere, C-SPAN has the entire “lest ye forget” speech online, eh.

Anygüey, there sure is to be more than enough opportunities to develop on this context while we [the people] wait for the discovery of “PLANet BEe,” hopefully the immigration authorities on said universe are more welcoming than the current Trump Administration or the growing extreme Right tendencies that are growing brewing por las europas right now, eh.

In the mean time, a Landmark work in progress —almost 10 years in the making— is finally getting its day in the InterAmerican Court for Human Rights, and it involves the Mexican armed forces and the way they have been conducting business since the days of « first gentleman » candidate, Felipe de Jésus Calderón Hinojosa* and the corrupt incompetence of Enrique Peña Nieto.

* Felipe  Calderón’s wife, Margarita Zavala, is running for the Executive post in Mexico, she wishes to become  the first female president in Mexican history, among her qualifications she lists, being a woman, and her claim that she knows what it “feels” to have a NAME taken away from her,  we [the staff] have yet to figure out what she meant by the second remark, but if having your name taken away from you was a qualification, we [the staff] reckon that:

Armando Segovia would be over qualified for the position of President of The United States Of Mexico, heck—and being that the good lord graced him with a California Sunshine two–inch (plus another inch or two of foreskin) phalus, then our guess is that our publisher has most of the starting ingredients to claim The Third Mexican Empire!!! Now, if he could only figure out how one gets into “the failed artist industry,” we the staff could get that “fire in the hole” going and get ready to smell them ol’ sweet fumes of Depleated Uranium, “in the morning,” of course, eh.

Fair use of Francis Ford C.

Uso justo de todos los medios.

Watch out Costa Rica—Ewe are going to be the first territory that Field Marshall Catalonio Barcelonneto de Peralvillo is going to annex for “La Causa”, so be advised that he likes his “Gallo Pinto” spicy—not sweet, eh.

Be advised that in Tijuana, it’s about to be the 11th Hour in Pacific Standard Time (at night).

… gonna take a nap now. Laters.

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