Dear Alexandra Alter @ The NYT… meet Napoleón, y a su “Leña Verde”

and do say hello to Rabbit Hunter extraordinaire Maureen Dowd [burrowed] in the cubicle next to the “mommy’s little helper” anxiety cabinet.

Now, with regards to that “male anxiety,” which Ewe go on and pin on la bruja de la Odisea, on a 3/4 page slot of last Friday’s International Edition of your cotidiano from Nueva York (Culture, pg. 18), we [the staff] thank you for providing the winds to set us on a journey designed to separate the “alphas” from the “bee’s”… full disclosure, we [the staff] range, or rather average on the “X, Y, Z” of that scale; and we Feel Fine.

And, boy! Oh, boy… forecast calls for a busy–bzzzzy week, what with all the angles, tangents, and azimuths to triangulate for a safe passage, —through Hell, we [the staff] couldn’t hope for anything else.

So watchout for those heavy squalls, hang on to the mast, but most of all, —ignore the Siren call.

… Say there, Louis Burgdorf please relay to Mika that context and imagery will follow throughout the day/night, so do stick around, eh! In the mean time, we begin to rig  from the ass , scratch that, in the mean time we prepare  the vessel’s rigging from the backstray . 

… for Lawrence.

… R. Lee Ermey, the Kubrick angle. (R.I.P.) — Full Metal Bad Ass.

… y mientras Rusia considera de que manera contra ataca en Syria, a don Macron se le inflamaron los labios y el quiere saber si los periodistas que lo cuestionan por una gran gama de asuntos de gran envergadura, entre los que se encuentran la reforma ferroviaria; o la del gremio de la educación en dónde él quiere reestructurar los requisitos de admisión a estudios superiores, mismo que en estos precisos INSTANTES MANTIENE las puertas de la Facultad de NANTERRE cerradas; o el resguardo de Mali, y por supuesto; el bote de la migración, todo eso han hecho —a lo mejor— que el mandatario al servicio de Marianne se pregunte si los periodistas son irrespetuosos ante él.

… a falta de pulpa convertida en papel, pixels de PHILIPS®️ ensamblados en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, a traves de Direct CNEWS Matin }-—-~~~\*> Uso justo de las vacaciones que Philippe Labró.

A lo mejor depende en el nivel de incomodidad en el que los reporteros lo pongan a usted, (señor presidente) entonces pues, la insolencía de los periodistas depende en su nivel de autoritarismo, señor.

por ejemplo, para que Raquelito (en msnbc) se ubique, i would love to answer that question for you, (monsieur le président) however, it was during your predecessor’s term in office that my journalist credentials were revoked because La Prefecture de Paris [in collaboration with PROMÉXICO and the Year of ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO IN FRANCE] thought that my shoe leather approach for digging into the nepotism and cronyism of the Mexican government in France, was a little disrespectful for Brontis taste… or something like that.

Las fuentes para doña Alex…

RIP ebdo… last January, when Causette was struggling to keep a float, a new kid on the Kiosks set out on a maiden voyage, but the staff there must have used an alternative spumante, as opposed to Champagne to bless the sail, anygüey, the folks at ebdo sank within two months… Causette is still around.

1. Alter, A., “Circe, a Vilified Witch From Classical Mythology, Gets Her Own Epic.”

2. Lahanas, M., Ancient Greek Ships

3. Stratége in progress:

Synapses stratégiques… happeninig right now. }-—-~~~\*> uso justo de todos los pavimentos del ayuntamiento de París. •—¡—• CopyLeft, segoviaspixes 2018.

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