Ladies in Gemeni con ustedes… El Kaliman

… Amelia de los Montes Mártires:

… context with the polish cowboys follows, in the mean time Fenster the Copywriter suggested a new segment called “los seis brincos del tocino de Kevin”, a game where the contestants try to find the pork in six or less oinks. And no, Sirens, there’s no need to play the White Album… keep it green at least until the 20 minutes mark.

[Voz de hombre
Diego Luna as a shape shifting host

Welcome, to our maiden voyage edition of “los seis brincos de Kevin Bacon*”. I am a shaped shifted projection of Enrique Cruz in the role of Diego Luna.

Now, in the same tenor as Derek Waters, “Drunk History” in Español, “los seis brincos de Kevin Bacon” is a crispy fried refrito of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” the trivia game that pins the entire Hollywood industry to U.S.M.C. Capt. Jack Ross (in A Few Good Men).

Por ejemplo, Raquelito…

One Brinco to Rouge One. }-–—~~~\*> In my shaped shifted version of “Ray —sin apellido—” I play the role of a medical student in the Sci–Fi thriller, Flatliners, where (as Diego Luna) I co-star next to USMC 2nd Lt. Jonathan Kendrick who in this particular script in the trope of « let’s fuck with death drama »,  Keifer plays the role of Dr. Barry Wolfson (Sutherland).

Contestants, it’s that simple—easy—provided that you have an A.V.E.R.A.G.E. command of good ‘Ol–American imperialist film and music industry trivia.

And with that, I call on my main funda y batuta to introduce our first constentant, who I believe hails from the pits of hell via Guadalajara.

[Voz de hombre
maestro Rodrigo de Souza as Alejandro Trebeck]

… context follows, we [the staff] are going to pick up supplies and listen to Jimmi, while–en–route.

Julio Zapata shaped shifted from
Gael García Bernal’s character in a Pantelion films:

Thank you, Mr. Iturbide, and yes our first contestant hails from Guadalajara and and he’s an In–n–Out eating monster, his name is Guillermo del Toro, and he enjoys long walks on the beach in hopes of spotting a glimpse of Cthulhu… o en su defecto, a su señor padre: Pedro Páramo.

Tenoch Iturbide:

Interesting, tell us Julio how is that Mozart project going?

— Julio Zapata:

Oh, it wont get to see 2019, except on the streams over the interwebs as a ghost Series.

— Tenoch Iturbide:

… get better writers, next time I guess. Anygüey, Julio, who’s our next contestant?

— Julio:

Ah! Now this guy is a monster that can’t contstrain himself, he’s a regular losing Champion on my show, “Jeopardy, con Alejandro Trebek”. He’s the one and lonely, Armando Álvarez.

— Tenoch:

Great… let’s get the show on the road, get Los Bukis y el Sentimiento Maquilero ready because al regresar it’s “Seis brincos de Kevin Bacon”… sponsored by FUD… porque “tu chingada madre miente”, TAMBIÉN!

Let’s Go!

Viva Layla…

She’s a Voodoo Child—pero en francés…



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