Dear François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron:

« Faits que votre Tableau soit Toujours une ouverture au Monde »


Léo da Vinci
as read in the introductory pages of Les Aristocrats Rebelles,
by Gonzague Saint Bris ; in ACTES SUD, Éditions Arénes — 2017;

5 y 6 de febrero
Sabbatical day # 3233
Accueil Hivernal de la Marie du 4e 
25 rue Pont Louise- Phillippe

[RTL and/or BFM screen-grabs follow]
in the mean time, here’s the cutline for Monday, February the 5th of 2018:


i’ve must have walked next to that door 100 times but paid no attention to it before, truth be told it’s probably one of the first corners in Paris where i had a Mexican beer. The cantina is right smack in front of of the 4th District Municipal offices, which is where i had supper tonight, and where in a rather serendipitous encounter, i just happen to have been in the same place where Madame Hidaldo, Anne [One-Each], the Parisian Mayor was doing a P.R. Event with the 4th District Mayor and a cadre of the local press to show her solidarity with the « sans-abri », or the people who participate in Freestyle Hoboing, which is a lesser known sporting event that consists of experiencing the Urban Outdoors at its fullest… normies call the participants of these trials the homeless, and in the U.S. we are known as the people living on Skid Row. }–~\*>  Mme. Hidalgo was nice enough to go around the room and spend a minute or so with the 50 or so diners in that annex between the 18 and 1900 hours of the Central Europe Dials. Tonight i was number 26th on the list, dinner consisted of Chick pea Soup; Sweet Corn Salad; Chiken Breast or Beef Steak with an Eggplant Side dish… and more Sweet Corn, which i just happened to have another serving of. The Sons and daughters of Henry Dunant (The Red Cross) and about five volunteers served the food… inside of the annex where about 20 army-style cots each decked with a clean sleeping bag. Tonight the Streets of Paris are frozen and it’s a bit nippy outside… nothing that a little rhum can’t remedy.

Merci, Mme. Hidalgo,
we [the Staff said it before]
You should run for President!
The Staff.


Con motivo del Quinto Aniversario de la Libración de Florence Cassez y la normalización de Corrupción Institucionalizada, el staff de este inconsecuente blog dejó encomendado para ustedes dos, unos Ramos de Jorge:




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