Indeed — Ronnie, part ii

Sabbatical Day Nº3
5 de enero, 2018

… and now, “Unnecessary Censorship” with Sarah’s ex… }-–~~\•> Screen capture courtesy of Adipsys | DNS. Uso Justo de Todos los Vetos.

Dear, Ronnie McDo:

First and foremost, we [the] staff would like to let our second favorite Jewish person —Sarah Silverman know, that “the” Double Tailed Mermaid” is not, We Repeat, is not the only American Based transnational outlet that allows ‘clochards‘ like us [the staff] to use their Water Closets, far from it, Ronnie, the frog version of your “Mickey Dee’s”, also opens their bathrooms, —for us indigents— at La Rue de L’Arc En Ciel —catty-corner— with “La Guichet de Marianne Nº 3*“… and that’s a really-really—ReaLLY good thing, “i’m loving it”. Really.

* Context follows

Fair use of all surveys.

However, Ronnie, despite your “Venez comme vous êtes” slogan, we’ve noticed that for the past week or so, your interwebs guard-dog (2) has been blocking LEFT-of–Center and PROGRESSIVE news sites at your eateries; yet, the Figaro_dot_FR (1) content is fair game for “Adipsys | Private DNS“… there’s something “fishy” about that config_dot_sys setup.

Signature composition, by: armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018.

What gives, Ronnie? What’s up with your ipsec? On the other hand, your “Double Cheese Burgers” remain my second favorite in the business, but since “In-n-Out®” remains a West-of-The Rockies phenomenon, your value meal (avec bacon) bumps you to Number One here in France, none the less, Ronnie, we must warn you that Quick® (one of your French competitors) has on its menu a pretty good-god-damn delicious clone to the Double-Double; it’s about half the size, but it satisfies “la madeleine de Madame Bovary“… or some shit like that, anygüey, Sarah, since the Quick’s “Loo” privileges are a bit more, –a bit more; A Bit More: Exclusive, we [the staff] stick to the open door courtesy of the Golden Arches Clown… Momo, by-the-way, Ronnie, approves and we’ve been told that you have a special franchise in his heaven once your earthly empire decides to replace your specter; or, when the Company goes bankrupt… whichever arrives first, if you catch our drift.

Uso justo de todas las encuestas en Francés.

In any case, Ronnie, much like Starbucks®, your dinning room is a perfect den where hobos and tourists can take a rejuvenating nap, or just sit around… we [the staff], however, try not to snooze or sleep in your quads (four person capacity dinning tables) because if you see us [the staff] inside your joint, it’s because we are there to eat, to take a dump, and/or to use Your WiFi as a resource to write, —and not to fuck around.

Wordy McWordy gets censored…

Without anything further to add, thank you, Ronnie, for bringing us ex–pats, “Le Morning Brunch” and thank you also for that welcoming spirit that you cultivate in your staff; in the 7 years (Jan, 28th) that we’ve been here we [the staff] have most certainly seen it catch up with “Le Savoir Faire” française; it’s no wonder that on the recent cover of  l’Express, the French President is portrayed as ‘kicking it’ on a  Cheeseburger, Because As You Know: it was the French, who invented The Hamburger Joints. Anygüey, Ronnie, your “associates” are right up there in the courtesy department with the good folks at La Soupe Saint–Eustache, and that is a good thing; NOW, if you UP YOUR Latin American in-country purchasing Standards like those of the Hexagone, That Would be Awesome!**

** Context follows

You are welcome!

Yours truly,
armando segovia

Hey there, Muse… “Here’s looking at You.

Exhibits and merits for this Response-to-Survey Claim, include the following:


context follows…


Meade context follows.


Silverman, S.I love you, America“. Season One; Episode 10, Starbucks segment. Via: https ://youtube .com/watch?v=MeVw27v-Jdg

Hey, Sarah.

4. Censored Material involves una Meada perdón, Un Tal Meado; uta!!! It involves El Candidato del PRI a la presidencia de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Pepe MEADE. •—_!_—• Screen Grab vía Google/redirecting to a data farm called facebook.

pissed-on Mea-de context follows.

5. Proust, M. “La Madeleine de Proust”, via:

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