“Time For Change” — indeed

3 de enero, 2017

We [the staff]
are taking a mini sabbatical…

… ““Venez comme vous êtes”,”
just don’t read lefty sites at Ronnie’s house.

but before we sign–off
we’d like to leave you
with some images without context.

We [the staff] hope,
that during our pause
—and with every turning hour—
Context by osmosis will clear
The Tale Of The Tape
for each entry.

48 hrs… segoviaspixes 2018.

Happy Epiphany Day,
and a peaceful observance of
Martin Luther King’s Day
please don’t cheapen
this Federal Holiday
with a mattress observance day.

… just, whatever you do, please Don’t Stare Directly at the Blue Blood Moon, it will suck the soul right out of your eye sockets. So be sure to wear some Blood Moon approved Spectacles®.

Clear Starry Skies
for your
—Once In A Full Moon—
Magenta Moon Viewing
Blue Moon Gazing…

… Uso justo de todos los kioskos. •—_!_~• Cuadro en acero inoxidable, por: staff.

And if we don’t make it back
before the
President’s Day
—Mattress Sale Day Event—
Have A Very Happy

48 hrs. Part 2… some 30 minutes into the New Year and it was lights out… nothing to see here—everybody go home.

Source for “Tonight’s Sky” follows:

in the mean time, stay tuned and don’t forget your Spectacles®.

Extra–extra! FAIR USE OF ALL Blue–Blood Racks… Extra–extra! —_¡_— Composition by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018—CopyRed.


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