Vikingos pt. IV — It’s all about the “Floose”

Warning: the following post was supposed to have been read in the voice of our usual go-to-fellow, Senator Stewart Smiley (D-WI), however, since the Gen-tle-man from “Air America” has been put on time-out for misbehaving with a co-entertainer, during a USO Tour back in 2006, we [the staff] had no choice but to call upon College Humor co-founder Ron Burgandy so that he could navigate us into the next chapter of Vikings in Paris.

In this episode, Charles the Bald, pays a tribute to the future Normands, and then sends them on their way to pillage the Kingdom of Burgandy. —_— Graphix comes courtesy of n° 33  of Le Figaro Histoire; Aout/Septembre 2017. •_• Fair Use of All Media—for illustrative purposes.

When “Flooses” meet.

Yvonne” comes harder, that’s a fact. Her stream curves its way with more pressure than her most famous competitor, Sena, all the way down to an English Channel* … y su esencia puede que corra hasta llegar a convertirse en una pequeña Mancha.

Truth be told, as explained by the good people at the LOOFE in a previous entry that we [the staff]  re-posted about those damn “Flooses” in France: it is the river Yonne that flows through Paris, and not La Seine. But, and it’s a big butt, the tail end of this history dates back to the Gallo-Roman days of Astérix Sarkozix and quite possibly because of all the commercial traffic up and down La Seine, making it more important than the fastest moving, but less traveled river called, The Yonne, which according to the LOOFE, it flows below the Bridge of Mirabeau… or something like that…

Dear, gnomes at Mika’s Morning Show: do ya’ll think that you would be able to spit-ball an Anagram before the next Turkey pardons a bird?


Next on “The Floose Chronicles”, Yvonne can’t seem to catch up with Sena, a more experienced “floose” that’s been around in business for a while; heck, we [the staff] reckon that Romans and Arab merchants used to ride Sena all of the time; sometimes, she could even fit three or four loads at a time between her banks.

🎶 Those were the days, my friend… Wash–Rinse–and—REPEAT: those wete the days my friend

Dear, Senator “Fish Lips”… please stand by for some College Humor context that is sure to follow… }-~~•> Uso justo de todos los medios.

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