Hey, Sarah…

You make them pair of glasses, and L.A. look really swell.

Sarah has a case of digital Stigmata. —_—. According to Sarah Silverman, and not counting Larry David, —and Jesus— Jewish people account for only, “1/5th of 1% of the entire world population.” However, in a totally and unrelated statistical figure, women also account for at least 80% of stigmatics [3].

This BTW is an intermission before the next Vikings in Paris episode.

P.S. You are really really really really edging into moving to that spot that my favorite jew currently occupies.

… and you know it! Yes indeed, this is another case of a Fair Use of Media before the FCC sits down to take “your” Internet away. •—¡—• Sources follow.




… When we [the staff] return, we review the case of the Anabaptist offshoot in northern Mexico, Chihuahua!

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