Oríllese a la orilla — Larry David, pt. ii

November 14, 2017

Upon careful consideration after evaluating Larry David’s, season 9; episode 7, (Namaste) of “Oríllese a la orilla”, which is the loudspeaker command that comes out of a Mexican police vehicle just before a driver is given the option to pay a bribe for an infraction and get back on their merry way or, pay a fine after the vehicle is impounded (which implies another fee to get it back) and/or the confiscation of a drivers license, which will require standing in long lines during opening business hours to recuperate the dang-on thing;  hence the translation in Mexican Spanish (particularly the Chilango variety) for the phrase: Curb Your Enthusiasm, to announce that asegovia3 is not going to be getting (for the time being) on the Larry David (taboo) liberation of The Holocaust rabbit hole. Thank You, and have a nice day… or as hot yoga instructors say: Namaste.

All Hail.

We [the staff] arrived to this conclusion after seeing the main character, “Larry David” doubling down on The Shoah comedic references delivered through an HVAC/AC repairman (Will Sasso—MADTV) while comparing the elements of heating and air conditioning to children destined to the Siemens furnaces: which one is your favorite (and keep) and which one would you be willing to send to the ovens?… Mr. David words, more or less—not ours.

Shine on, you crazy Heb… Uta Madre! We meant to write, “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”, not you ‘crazy Heb’.

… here’s your Bernie Badge back, you fucking loon. Momo sends his regards.

We [the staff] are still committed, however, on digressing to the Michelin Guide, please stand by, because we need to Frequency Hop 65 million years back in time —para poder preparar el nixtamal necesario para la siguiente entrada.

Aguanta Corazón, que ahorita regreso.

Oríllese a la orilla—sin subtitulos.

El César de aparador, cortesía HBO: https :// youtube .com/watch?v=1iUAvZgbl1o

“Oríllese a la orilla”, temporada 9, episodio 7, vía IMdB: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt6618290/?ref_=m_ttep_ep_ep7

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