Nah-ah, Larry David — No Bernie card for’ya. — Special Musical Guest: TRS performing: Tops.

The following must be read in a Sammy Davis, Jr., voice…

Shoah Alpha Male on the Prowl (circa 2017) / On the background: Mme. Chamoux, and her spirit of Contradiction. —_—.  It did not take more than 48 hours after Larry David’s original contemplation (after the fact) of a concentration camp horn-dog trying to score some pussy while in captivity, for the dude in the frame, to be Be-Bopping in Paris and making a fashion statement along Arago Boulevard—75013. Call it what you will, we [the staff] are calling the opportunity to have been able to take this snapshot an unfortunate moment of Synchronicity with the 30 Rock realm, andmostly, Lorne Michaels, to drive a mother-fucking point—NOT A WEDGE— we [ the staff] repeat: TO DRIVE A POINT, not a wedge. Why? Cousin Joe, you might ask? Well, Primo Pepe, because if the spy agency created to root out Nazi’s after the WWII can be used to root out sexual harassment and raped victms, in the name of a Waffle House Co. Winestein House Co., then a bit of comedy should not ruffle any feathers at  rest homes across Palm Beach; i’m sure that Eddie Murphy, playing the the role of a huckster turned into a “Distinguished Gentleman from Florida”  knows the Yiddish word for ruffling feathers; we [the staff are Wetbacks] so we don’t know.. CONTEXT FOLLOWS. •—_—•. Foto por: armando segovia, segoviaspixes, CopyLeft Chris Matthews, CopyLeft, and say hello to Michael Moore.

… Context and Michelin guide digression follows; stick around.

Sources on the Go:

Musical Guest: TRS®: Tops (1979) Billancourt, France… “Step on the ladder, be a Star in bed, with me behind you’ll taste the Sweet  Wine of Success!, via: https :// .com/watch?v=f3nhMCaDLmY

Mme. Chamoux:

Cousin Joe… We need that iPhoneX; please don’t delay. Foto por: armando segovia—segoviaspixes (2017). CopyLeft.., Uso justo de la vía pública.


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