Espíritu Arrasador y sus fuentes… part ii

“… some men see things as they are, and say why; I dream things that never were and ask why not?

NOVEMBER 11th IS ALMOST UPON US… and did you know, that the French social scientist’s get a kick out of Columbia’s “Melting Pot” approach. It’s true… and if Time allows, we’ll dig ourselves down that wabbit hole to see about Moliere’s assimilation ways, Doc… You bet your ass we would; even if it’s a NATIONAL MATTRESS DAY SALE  event.

https ://youtube .com /watch?v=eVO6k6DIv9k

Eulogy fragment by Edward Moore Kennedy, June 8th, 1968; delivered from the Church in front of the “Atlas Shrugged” statue of what today is the Comcast Building at 30 Rock.

1. Matthews, C., “Book promo.”.  Via, Morning Joe on msnbc

2. Aristegui, C., Entrevista con Ricardo Riva Palacio; el segmento cubre la relación JFK/CIA/Tamaulipas. “Aristegui Esto revelan los archivos de JFK sobre políticos mexicanos 27.10.2017“. Vía: https :// youtube .com/watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk

… Secrets in Plain Sight, Big Kat… Secrets in Plan Sight…

3. “What would happen if Leonardo Da Vinci was starting out today?” Vía Katy Kay, on the Cousin Joe show:

4. /r/The Onion, “‘No Way To Prevent This’ Says Only Nation Where This Happens”. Vía The Front Page of The Internet:

It’s just a Commentary, that’s all, but AnAgRams must match: 100%. There is no almost when it comes to a Hex… not even in binary, Jack!

5. Prokop, A., “Ralph Northam (D) Has Won The Virginia Governor’s Race”.

6. BBC History Magazine, “Bay of Pigs: Kennedy’s Catastrophe.” Vía:

7. AFP, via CNEWSMATIN, “Procès, le cabotin et le ‘chacal'”. Link to DirectMatin:

8. Mckinley, J.C., Fabio di Celmo according to The NYT. “At The Copa, Copacabana”, allí hay Posada; restos de las bombas del señor Posada Carriles; quise escribir:

9. Mexico–México ra-ra-rah, vía La Galería de Brozo #23: https ://youtube .com /watch?v=Kct_brghLu4

…. Brozo: ¡chingas a tu madre! Buen Show last week; adoro a tu Fan #1.

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