“The ‘A’ Frame hug”… GOOOOO Dodgers!

I Love L.A.
My motivation is to change the course of Western music, I don’t like the way it’s going…
Randy Newman

Credits follow:

ITEM: Houston Chronicle full-page ad.
Client: Your 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers.
RE: Sports / Baseball
TAG LINE: The King of Sports
Section: Human bonding
Via: Reddit, the front page of “the” Buzzfeed’s and the rest of the Internet…
Photo capture by: GuacamoleKing

La rola que se lanza
por arriba de la captura del abrazo,
es una curva dedicada para tod@s es@s Loc@s bajit@s y, Chaparr@s inmadur@s…
—o mismo, Brother—
a tod@s l@s Enanit@s verdes;
—en caso—
…de que a la rola—tú la puedas capear.


News relay courtesy of “the” GuacamoleFanatic… Uso Justode todos los /r/…

Short Stop people antagonist, Randy Newman, via YouTube: https :// youtube .com/watch?v=8bfyS-S-IJs

The Houseton Chronicle Ad Revenue Department, via: GuacamoleFanatic; /r/Sports.

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