In Search of Diderot 8th entry part two

Still to come: Ishmael meets the Westboro Tribe, in the mean time our musical guest: The Searchers, with their 1964 hit “Hormigas en el culo

Needles and pins… Context Follows… https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v=5rLqPtZUWJI

Cousin Joe, please be advised that we [the staff] have not been able to pin down the interview where an Ernesto Guevara sibling described the future medical doctor before he was to become the legendary “Che,” as always having needles and pins on his buttocks (con hormigas en el culo), which is a colorful way to describe a motivated, —restless person.

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Cousin Joe, i ask that for the time being you, and Willie Geist, don’t go getting too fixated on the lack of references for the Guevara’s family testimony; tell you what Cousin Joe, let us just go ahead and join hands while we “PETITION The Lord With Prayer,” as brother Jim once said, and go back to the times of Sarah, but please Cousin Joe, PLEASE don’t refer to your standard bedside Moroni Latter Day Utahans literature, instead Cousin Joe i call on you to use your standard political go-to Evangelical King James Bible, or better yet, ask Willie Geist to recite the text from the NIV version in order to parallel Che’s reference to another character who is said to have had his own legion of ants riding on his caboose. His name was Ishmael, and Cousin Joe need i say more?

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… i probably do, because Donnie Deutsh is kind of slow, anygüey, Donnie, The KJB lists Ishmael’s qualities as being those of a “wild man,” while the New INTERNATIONAL Bible goes on to frame this personality type as being a “wild donkey of a man, whose hands will be against EvErYoNe,” and vice versa (GEN 16:12).

And so, Cousin Joe, while we restlessly search for the Guevara’s family interview, we leave you with this frequency hop that is about to take us back to the time when Sarah gave us Laughter… and, oh yeah Cousin Joe, —let’s not forget that— his brother, Ishmael, was to be kicked out of the Patriarch’s house.

Justin y las legisladoras… starring Alfonso Zayas

… however, let us not get ahead of the story that tells us about the time when Laughter popped out of Sarah; for you know, Donnie, this section must be a “linear” section, so as Cousin Joe would tell you, right after Sarah told the Lord that she had not laughed at His promise to put one in her oven, the scribes went on to tell us all at Sunday school that Abraham went on to haggle with the Lord in order to save Sodom and Gonorrea … or something like that! The thing is, Donnie, that Abraham, being a Jew and all, he was able to nag the Lord down from 50 to 10, except that there was not even one worthy person* in said  jurisdictions who didn’t want to fuck the brains out of the first angelical looking person that descended on their town (*Lot does not count)… “so it goes.” La moraleja de está entrada es de que como son calientes nuestras legisladoras, y una que otra reportera tambien… Full Disclousure: Brozo expusó ese bochorno mejor.

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