In Search of Diderot, 6th Entry — Yo, Che!

Saturday, October 11th 1975
New York City, USA—10112

Archive is courtesy of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rock in New York City… and of course: IMdB.

Wednesday, October 11th 2017
Paris, France—75001

Active Around The Rim on a night like tonight, but of 1975, Saint George Carlin was the opening act of a show featuring a troupe of stand-up comedians that made the big debut on ‘the’ NBC Saturday night block.

Yo, Che! This screen grab is brought to you by Chevy Chase… “As You Were” and carry on, CPL. Che.

Using Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the News Division, practice the following variables by plugging them in the divisor fraction, use SNL/Sketch as the dividend fraction.

First Variable: the Thomas Rebound.
SNL / RapeSketch ➗ Clarance Thomas / Anita Hill

DateLines are courtesy of the Associated Press, via The New York Times archives, and Liam, “I can call you Betty, and Betty you call me—you can call me… Al”, anygüey, Liam: As You Were.

Second Variable: The Hollywood Harvey Hush-hush.
SNL / RapeSketch ➗ Weinstein, Affleck, et. al. / Rose, Ashley, et. al.

Dear, Liam: i caught you on the rebound of your Reddit stunt on ‘the’ Ask Me Anything channel, listen Chap, if you want to Chase the source on the quote that calls you Betty, please watch the second episode of SNL’s Season ONE, i think that the name of that “guy” is Paul… or Simon… or Jesus H. Christ, just ask Lorne… please read this in Senator Stewart Smiley’s (D-WI) voice.

Third Variable: The 1st rule of Reddit is, ALWAYS LIST YOUR SOURCE.
See if you can set your own set of News division fractions in the style of Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the News Division. Here’s a screen grab as a Source to the IMdB search field:

Yo, Govn’r! THE LEVELLERS SOURCE follows.

“I’m Chevy Chase,” and Liam Gallagher is a fag.

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