Dear, Stephanie: Frida ruhles*

* Lo bueno de este blog, Mariana Atencio, es de que Stephanie Ruhle no lo sigue, y de que la “hache” es muda.

COPY: when we return… Apophenia and its Proper  21st Century context will follow; also, from Rockefeller Center Cousin Joe reviews the 50 most powerful women who sit on the chairs of the most powerful tables around the world, and Mike Barnacle tell us the secrets [1] for securing bi-weekly micro loans from “the” Bank of America. Then, from Mexico City, a 12 year-old named Frida Sofía is giving the term “strong tables” a whole new spin and meaning. Plus still to come, Stephanie Ruhle holds back her tears and speaks with rich guy Michael Bloomberg who discusses the lesser of TWO EVILS: coal mining vs. the natural gas industry heavy hitter: fracking… the first fucks up the sky above, while the other makes the underground shake and it turns water reserves flammable; BUT HEY!!! Capitalism will sort it all out, right Michael Moore?… Y allá “EN MI VIEJO SAN JUAN, al Borinquén querido una tal María, —me lo devastó.

Hey there Mike Barnacle

“With all due respect”… Coal and Fracking (Shale Gas) are a dagger thrown into the sky that when it lands, and it will inevitably do so, it will stab into mother nature, or the creatures that dwell on her surface, or swim in its waters.

Ever heard of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones? … bet you have, Sir; we [the staff] bet you have! Anygüey, them sharp motherfuckers came up with this very, how should we put it? This very… concurrence setting, cross-parallel, multi-purpose verse on one of their lesser known hits; at least <<that’s the impression that we [the staff] get>>, and which alludes to the quintessential (or perhaps stereotypical) “Sharp dressed man.”

Yes, Mike, that same man who “made the scene and set the mood,” yet failed to impress because of one particular accessory that he chose to go with, and yes it involves that one, “hell of a gun.”

Yes, indeed, “he’s dressed to kill,” but everyone in attendance wonders, if with all his good taste, and that rather fashionable statement… “he will”.

With all due respect… Courtesy of Stephanie Ruhle. —_— Y de nuevo, gracias a la máqiuna del tiempo el equipo de la casa se traslada hasta diciembre del 2015 y los debates de le COP21; lástima que la cabina de Osler Amaro y RFPP en el 106.3 de la frequencia [bien] modulada de París, cerrará filas y con ello: CONTRIBUYERA también, con su granito de arroz, al colapso del Frente de Izquierda en Francia… felicidades Osler, felicidades. Y de paso: Saludos, Juanito; saludos; ahora dile al güey que pone las rolas que “sueñe con serpientes”… O algo así, porque si alguién “tiró basura en un jardin”; pues la neta fueron tus colegas por medio de los microfonos.

Hell Of A Hat, from the Bosstones 1994 release: Question The Answers, points out the unnecessary “HEAT” that a sharp dressed “mack” is packing when he enters the scene of a nightclub… Or a sushi bar.

The joint, as the lyrics point, is all about attitude, but strolling in with a roscoe! That’s just a bit too much; it is subtle bullying, and the series of bullets in queue with that particular chamber leave any disagreement or resolution to the quintessential Law of The Gun.

… (9/20/2017)…

Indeed, it was just yesterday morning (9/20/2017) on your show, Cousin Joe, where you pointed out that potus 45 “is not the disease, but the sign of a symptom that is happening in American (WASP) politics.

Indeed, Cousin Joe, during the 2016 campaign both of the proposals coming from the Bernie Sanders camp, and those from the current president of ‘Murica seemed to be parallel to one another, por ejemplo, NAFTA, Health Care, and the distrust of beltway insiders. The difference, however, rested on the progressiveness or rather, the let’s not regress to the 1800’s and continue to strip the land of its natural non-renewable resources, and blemish the sky with fucking coal!

The above, of course, are just just examples —tip of the remaining icebergs, if you will— because the discord from the indigenous people who traveled to Paris back in December of 2015, in order to protest the FRACKING INDUSTRY that le COP 21 left in place, pretty much “set the scene” for a confrontation like the one from last winter at the Dakota Access Pipeline, where a bunch of “sharp dressed motherfuckers” in combat gear and shrapnel resistant headgear descended with the quintessential “law of the gun” and the “Monopoly of Violence” to land grab yet another piece of nature in the name of “motherfucking” corporate and private interests.

To put Mr. Michael Bloomberg words into one HAT, the response from federal law enforcement and the local swat and sheriff’s strike forces at Standing Rock, is probably just another example of letting “Capitalism do its work…”.

And in the paraphrased words of puffy potus #45: the results at Standing Rock are not because of the failure of Democracy, but because of the triumph of Capitalism.

Fracking, Mr. Bloomberg, is the equivalent of a businessman ‘roscoe’, if that piece of “heat” consisted of an Avenger 30mm “flying gun” on the nose of a “motherfucking” A4 Warthog plane.

In our experience, the Thunderbolt (A4) is perhaps the most dangeruos pound-for-pound heavy slugger in the field of close combat operations, and explorations.

But because, with all due respect, “the” msnbc’s are in bed with your media platform, Mr. Bloomberg, all is well on the morning shows… there’s nothing to question here.


“Sharpest motherfucker, we repeat.
The other motherfuckers can’t compete.
The clothes you choose are stylish, why you gotta wear the gun?
We question one accessory, don’t think the piece is necessary.
We agree you’re dressed to kill, but wonder if you will?”

Dear Stephanie Ruhle…

Lovely dress… Screen grab follows.

Fair use of media… courtesy of the 0900 hrs. EST.

The chorus line is courtesy of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

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