Actualización de Erdogan para Raquel

Hey there—Rachel,

Do you know what the good thing about this blog is? Yup. You know it. You (my dear) know that the best part is that Chris Matthews never read it, nor will he start to do so.

Sol… Sol.. Sol… Solidarité, avec le Cumhuriyet—o algo así.

… in Turkey, however, we [the staff] would not have run with the same luck as we did just a few years back when we [the staff] were keeping up with the Peña Nieto reforms and its brief love affair with the Hollande (one-term presidential) stint –nope— no way, Joseph. As a matter of fact, ever since ‘Midnight Express’ we’ve had our reservations about Constantinople and anything with a hint of Ottoman pretensions in it’s political discourse.

… como por ejemplo, Raquelito, el privar a alguien de la libertad (o sus libertades individuales) por el sólo hecho de “decir la verdad sobre la evolución del poder en México” … shit, we did it again, we mixed our anecdotal archives; quisimos apuntar, “sobre la evolución del poder turco”… DEL PODER DEL TURCO ERDOGAN, y no del cacique mexiquense atlacomultezca de la familia del PRI: el “licenciado” Enrique Peña Nieto.

And especially, Raquel, as we had pointed out a few seasons back, before the now apparent staged up coup against the Erdogan regime; or over in the Pacific Command where a full-frontal attack on civil liberties is being waged by “rape-culture provocateur”, the one in a dozen, Philippines strong arm: El presidente Dueterte… ¡Salud!.

Uso justo de los medios en Francia.

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