INDEPENDENT British journalist solves 2000 year-old lost Roman concrete concoction


Los Titulares de la Galería de la Calle… y el medioambiente. Foto por segoviaspixes, arte en la calle es anonimo y las noticias son de Canal +

Harriet Agerholm’s just-in-time rediscovery could be, as of yet, another key to halting the harmful emissions produced by benevolent corporations, like say…. cement industry juggernaut CEMEX, who in the public eye could very well be a big ‘absent’ tricolor polluting elephant in the list of big investors supporting The (COP 21) Paris Agreement.

Las masas encementadas… cortesía del G-20, y La Galería de La Jornada… uso justo de todo lo que pasa a nuestro alrededor.

Case in point:

Presently, and at least for the past 7 years running, one of the most profitable businesses on the Parisian and Francilien urban grid has got to be the ‘construction crane industry’. There is no Cardinal point in the horizon from where this Pythagorean marvel of a tool (construction cranes are a collection of industrially welded Triangles) is not cutting into the skyline. 360 degrees, this these fuckers are everywhere… lifting and lowering the necessary material to rearrange the urban blocks that give character to the city that saved Jazz, America’s most original export.

Context follows… Fair use of media.

Anyone with at least one functioning eye, and a sense of wonder can witness that all along, and on both sides of the “périph”, which is an asphalt and cement vehicular beltway that separates the snail shell shaped municipal districts of Paris from the other 7 suburbs that surround the French Capital and, which as a unit, make up all of the Eight Sectors that plot ‘The Isle of France’ on any Michelin map, can testify of the new structures popping up… Parisians are even going to ReInvent the concept of the ‘twin towers’, or something like that.

[crane pix follows; as soon as we recuperate our computer, siendo que nuestro ordenador sigue embargado]

For the most part, if your eyes see one of these cranes (sometimes you can see 3, 4, or even 5 on a single city block*) it means that an entire 7-story building was just leveled, and another architectural wonder is being raised up.

From the looks of it, and at first sight (mind you, with one eye and a sense of wonder) one can establish that most buildings (but not all) are less than one or two generations old, some had that funky curvy 1960-70’s vibe, while others had that pretentious pointy and linear façade covered in silvery mirror glass.

[pix follows]

Now, cousin Joe, this on-the-spot-observation might sound a bit superficial, especially to all the new generations of architects who wish to partner up with construction industry conglomerates and, leave their mark on one of the ‘tightest’ cities in the world.

… by ‘thightest,’ Cousin Joe, we mean ‘tightest’ as in giving praise to something or someone with features or qualities next to perfection—top of the line; and not, Cousin Joe, we repeat: NOT in the same context that ‘tightest’ has in the vicinity of San Pedro Garza García near Monterrey, Nuevo León —in northern México where the Zambrano clan headquartered its enterprise known globally for its acronym en Espagnol: CEMEX… additionally, Cousin Joe, the neighboring sector known as San Nicolás de Los Garza is home of the most valuable big shots [investments] of that enterprise. We’ve featured them here before… ohhhh, say can You See un Garçon jugando Fút, qui se appelle André-Pierre Gignac?. In those districts —and with a “Norteño” accent, ‘tightest’ translates to something completely different and it is kin to Bill Murray’s character in the motion picture Scrooge.

AnyGüey, one has to wonder if with this new ReClaimed discovery on how to make cement last for Eons, the Portland cement industry would be willing to shelf its current “high temperature [polluting] production kilns” for the more eco-friendly, and recently ReDiscovered ancient formula of sea water and volcanic ash mix, or if the cement consortiums in Monterrey and construction mafias everywhere are going to take a note from the same playbook that Thomas Alva Edison (one-each) used at the end of the 19th Century in order to stop a better [and cheaper] source of electric energy that was being developed by the one-and-only Nicola Tesla. Other examples of this cock-block in HumanKind —not corporate—Progress is very patent in the Saudi Arabian Oil Industry, and it seems that in the big start-up opportunities known as Fracking… why, and we [the] staff asks WHY ELSE WOULD MONTANA HAVE A BIG FUCKING EARTHQUAKE!

Fragmento de un ReDescubrimiento… courtesy of The Independent…. USO JUSTO ‘de’ TUS MEDIOS. Cheers!

AHHHHH!!!! Anyway, the FNAC LIVE PARIS is “jappeninig” right now. Gotta go and try to have some fun now, Bye…

TimeStamp: 21:20 hours in CET

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