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Lo bueno de este blog es de que Justin no lo lee…

Y por aquello de las ‘Isocronías” de don Ricardo Yañez, en La Jornada [1] lo siguiente:

Hola, hoy es miércoles 14 de junio del 2017, and Mr. Trudeau, this is what [the staff] is talking about.

Just as the boys and Girls at the OCDE; the ones located over at the headquarters, which are just one block away from where a french cop [at Champs Elysée] was recently killed, and they go on and seriously document that Mexico’s economy is growing, yet FAMILIES INCOMES [2] are dropping, we have no choice but to reflect on the following:  [NAHHHH, you fuckers for real?].

Of course, if you been staying away from this blog you would know that the boys and Girls at the OCDE are not speaking about ‘THEIR’ particular families, because baby, those “ABOLENGOS” have got it going on since the days of Gral. Porfirio Díaz ‘glory days’, which were way before any ‘pinche OCDE’.

Case in point, much like the recent opportunistic trolling of Mr. Macron [French Republic—one each] with regards to La COP 21, and FuckForce One’s* decision to abandon the ‘let’s make the world green again treaty’, Mr. Trudeau’s dick slap on the U.S. Immigration policy appears to have its “habas en la caserola”, by which [the staff means] that the good will intentions of his campaign promises to lift visas for Mexicans, in favor of good business relations with Mexican oligarchs might be having the same outcome at the ‘Canadian family level’: IT IS good for the mining industry, but crap at the actual everyday level, by which we mean, that BIG BUSINESS like Excellon Mining wins, while hourly incomes at the family level be damned [3 AND 4].

Despojo by any other name….

FuckForceOne is DONALD TRUMP, president of the U.S.A—one Each.


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