Appendix rider to the entry: Cher EM!

Submitted for your approval

… but please don’t read this zinger in its original signature voice
for this is not a work of fiction, but more a record of política ficción;
instead, may we suggest
that your brain cells transmit Rod Serling’s most famous television brand
intro in a Brian Williams, high-pitched twang —and do remember—
always remember: it’s all about the facts, “just the facts ma’am”.

Good morning, today is Monday, March 6th, 2017 and this is an appendix to our entry of three days ago. Yesterday in Paris, and all around the vicinity of the << periph >> and Trocadero Square, it did rain a lot;  so speaking of torrents and all things related to Tlaloc*, we return to our request made to French presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron: How do you say: << …our nation turns its prestigious eyes to you, >> in Grand École French?

* Tlaloc is the spectacled
deity who makes it rain, the staff here does not know
if during the Iron Age the French
had a counterpart for such atmospheric duties.

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