Siete de febrero, 2017.

Meanwhile at ‘the’ Rockefeller Center, Ari has left the building… right now it’s already miércoles en París. In New York it’s the 11th [ half  full ] Hour.

Temp screen and killer fluff on the way to 'El Camerino' de Melissa McCarthy.

Temp screen and killer fluff on the way to ‘El Camerino’ de Melissa McCarthy. A camerino is a dressing room for comedians and actresses… Dear Nicole Wallace, we [the staff here] love you*. Really, “with love in our hearts,” but fair is fair, and although we don’t approve of anything Trump has done so far in his first 19 days, it was you [at least on MSNBC] who blamed an “unemployable staff” who could not even vet a speech from former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

The staff here can’t extend the same love to Mr. Schmitty…
that particular McCain advisor never smiles.
Charlie Sykes [ pictured next to Nicole’s left ],
he sometimes smiles for extra credit.

Hola. "This ain't no party".

Hola. “This ain’t no party”.

Buenas Tardes,
Hoy arrancamos con el final de la jornada
en el maratón de Kasie Hunt y la nominación de
la nueva ministro [Secretaria, pues]
del negocio de la Educación.

And then it became true, 2 + 2 = 5. — Uso justo de todos los medios.

And then it became true, 2 + 2 = 5. — Uso justo de todos los medios.  —|— Meanwhile at SNL central Glenn Thrush could not care less if bathrobes are on sale, the important thing is that Lorne Michaels casting specialists on Saturday Night Live got the New York Times reporter’s goatee right… and according to a Federal Reserve insider, the hairdo también.  For more information, please search for a Sean Spicer spoof on the SNL.

Earlier today:

Coming up on the leach report: Lixiviando la noticia durante el sabbat…    con Willie Geist. TimeStamp: 6h28 PST


Framing with lumber. A new show from the good folks at Normalization Central. Normalization Central is a new network and their job is to frame sinister racist policies into digestible chunks of feel-good commercials about immigration. NPR on the other spectrum, is National Public Radio, and the staff here agrees with Maria Hinojosa. The big door on the proposed border wall is not there to be opened by God or a higher being, as a mater of fact, that same scheme has been tried before, that comercial, however, was centered around the idea of making a certain sector of the communities around concentration camps in nazi Germay believe that “work” would make the peoples inside the cattle rail cars [free].  —|— Uso Justo de los comerciales del  Super Bowl No. 51.  —||—  Today® the staff here is reviewing Joy-Ann Reid’s surprise on the All-in show.  Fair use of el cinismo de una tienda de materiales de construcción en los Estados Unidos [de Donald Trump]. TimeStamp 1400 hrs CET¹.

* 1. Via: Independent/UK:
http ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /steve-bannon-white-house-white-nationalist-colleagues-books-donald-trump-chief-strategy-nsc-a7567336 .html


…Right now, Mr. Schmitty* on MSNBC is saying that education is not a National Security Issue. Rick Perry agrees. TimeStamp 7h07m Mountain Standard Time… that’s South Park territory —BTW.

[screen appropriation might follow]:

You feel lucky, Luke?

You feel lucky, Luke?… asked a siren over the waves.

*  Steve Schmidt is a public relations
and presidential campaign specialist,
he’s responsible for grooming a former Alaska governor
for Senator (R) John McCain;
a guy from Arizona.

RTing with Ad calling. —|— TimeStamp: 16h30 CET. Kasie Hunt is on is at, IS AT the scene. —||— Coming Up: Triumph of the Will… versión Super Tazón No. 51. Ahora la esperanza de los sentenciados llega a las pantallas, en Inglés. El Triunfo de la Voluntad es una de las películas favoritas de los que en México, fundaron el partido Acción Nacional. Para más información por favor contacte a John Ackerman [ un profesor, o comentarista, o político, o algo así con credenciales de la UNAM, —en París].

Right now it is, 18h in CET., and at 29 minutes after the hour, “it appears” that the yes-men have it. In America, 2 [plus] 2 now equals 5.

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