El otro Washington: Trump travel ban be damn

Happening right now: President Trump is on his first vacation at his Florida golf course… reports from those paying attention to MTV News is that the new executive is costing those who pay taxes [in the U.S.]  a bucket load of cash in the form of helicopter and jumbo jet fuel. Happy Times. << Oh, Yeah, say yeah! >> It’s 7h47 CET.

Further reports¹ from the Yakima valley relay that: << No person —not even the president— is  Steven Segal  … is above the law. >>

Good Morning, today is February cuatro, 2017… and ‘the’ MSNBC’s are on the prison porn infomercial regime —again.

“All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes”.

  1. Levine & Malone, as seen on the arrivals screen of the Seattle/Boston beat. “Seattle judge blocks Trump’s travel ban; White House to appeal”. Via: http ://www .reuters .com /article /us-usa-trump-immigration-idUSKBN15I1CM

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