From London… it’s Weekend Edition.

Happening right now at the Paris Cabaret

... al regresar: Katy Tur nos presenta "La Terapia de la Confusión", con Arnold Schwarzenegger.

… al regresar: Katy Tur nos presenta “La Terapia de la Confusión”, con Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Machete vs. Full Metal Jacket (5-each**).

Good Morning… Mr. Crowley is rocking the clock

TRMS is playing a cover, of another cover
of Sacramento’s own, ‘the‘ Tesla boys.

Beyond Bush is Mar-o-Lago...membership-card required

And the sign said: you’ve got to have a Membership Card to get inside. | Reports are still fuzzy but Eastern Europe is about to bring back the Age of Empires. It’s time to “rearrange memories” —or something like that. For more details, please consult the writings on your First Aid Kit¹.

Today is February tres, 2017.
And the Era of the so-called “Free World” is going the way of the Archduke’s and their respective Monarchs.  Ahora Sí Sean Penn en Venezuela, dile al “negro*” que ya es hora de rodar la película. No Word Yet if Naomi Klein is going to contact The Cuarón boys in Paris to write the chapter on Democracy Now: back then.

*  “El Negrois a term of endearment
between “El Chivo,” and siñor Alejandro González I.
Right Now Pablo: estamos más allá,
pero mucho más allá del llamado “Shock Therapy“.

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