El nuevo amanecer de Miguel… Michael’s New Normal

Good Morning, today is Saturday, January the 7th of 2017.
Starting in just 14 days a whole 100 days of a brand new Americana follows; but first, the one issue in American Culture that is already old:

1 de enero del 2017_Fort Lauderdale Florida

Los detalles del último de los destellos del  Derecho A Portar Armas   aún no llegan. For more information on the latest shooting in the American Culture of Things, or Americana please check your local listings.

In New York, a terminated, possibly disgruntled [and perhaps] shady reality tv host* is seeking revenge on a former enterprise that fired him¹. Donald J. Trump [the president-elect of the United States of America] is pushing [according to TRMS] for an investigation of NBC News… for more witch hunt and intimidation news please check your local Shepard Smith News.

After the Break on our ‘syndicated’ sister network:
Agent Smith pays a visit to a Peacock Coop.

  1. The Last Word on ‘Computer Age news and Second Amendment reviews‘ from a bowling alley in Columbine… where else? Michael Moore reports, via: http ://www .msnbc .com /the-last-word /watch /michael-moore-on-trump-s-vengeful-attacks -849605187961

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