…and now: The Longest Day[s] for the next 4 years

Fair Use of "Legitimate Wrongdoing" and the Last Word on the TRMS.

Fair Use of “Legitimate Wrongdoing” and the Last Word of Katy Tur on the TRMS at the 11th hour.

It’s Wednesday, December 21st of 2016.
And according to “el reporte del tiempo” it is “officially” Winter in América… “People are saying” that the diacritical mark [doña tilde en Espagnol] is now becoming an honorary mark that welcomes the U.S. into the very exclusive, and dare we say nixonian, —banana republic club.


Coming up… the kids are alright

[Context follows]… uso justo de todos los medios.

[Context follows]… uso justo de todos los medios.

 Full disclosure 
The “kids” in the following story
are immune from any “legitimate wrongdoing*“.
This is to say,
that the “kids” in the following news-capture story
were not aware of the money being raised in ‘their’ names.
… it happens —we guess.

Estimado equipo de MonoAureo . com: Merry Christmas… and never, ever—ever trust a political man [or woman] who vouches for another political [or religious] person with the command: “Listenlet me tell you…“.

Sketch art. | Uso justo de monoaureo . com

Sketch art meets la Comedia de los moneros. | Uso justo de monoaureo . com… lo güeno d’este blog es de que la gente de Telmex no lo ve: ¡Háblele!

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