Breaking the news. Hillary Probably already WON FLORIDA.

… of course, if the democrats lose seats in the Legislature, a Hillary win —won’t mean a thing.

En Issy-les-Mx el Sistema Solar se acaba de abrir…

falta un cuarto para las diez
And, “another one bites the dust”, pero en Español;
así mero mi Compa
como lo bailan en Colombia…
hasta las seis de la mañana“.
…ISSY  mis queridas Sirenas de las Fip’s
Las nenas son ustedes. ¡Claro que Sí!!!
Now let us all Venture One, Wipe Out is optional.

Dear Cousin Joe,
Did you rearrange Raquelito’s Participant Ribbon?
If not, in a very special edition of Jeopardy, with the Addams Family… Alejandro Trebek —ahora con un nuevo acuerdo comercial transnacional  te lo va a des…cifrar en-el_próximo:

Intermedio  ↑↑↑
de las 11 de la mañana.

TimeStamp TRMS.
Apparently —the staff just learned— that by calling an (877) number
You can change your early voting decision —if you casted yours already.
Of course, that is False [as it was her point to prove]
and Jim Morrison would probably be a good
Audio-Crutch to make a Point:

Today i learned… that the staff really misses ‘the’ other double-deckers; the ones from El Campanario de los Tacos.

* LOVE, and all LOVE related products
are more likely than not,
probably a post-product production
of The Beatles era.

The ⇑ above ⇑ is probably a good build-up for the start of Wednesday,
but unfortunately [for some in the staff] we don’t want to Fuck Around with the lawyers of
The Greatest Show on Earth:
Le Cirque du Soleil .

The Last Word on Florida, according to Lawrence O’Donnell on his show, The Last Word, is that Early Voting in Florida could have already decided who won Election —2016 [Hillary Clinton] six days before the polls open on November the 8th.

Buenos días, la onceava [media] hora con Brian Williams acaba de arrancar, y Vladimir Putin, segun Lawrence O’Donnell, se acaba de enterar… en París son las 4 de la madrugada.

Right now, with this [particularly] preliminary Good News, the staff is shifting one gear down to  grab a cup of coffee. And that, Ms. Welker is SOP. Hello John.

Right now, with a coffee mug dangerously close to the AZERTY keyboard, the staff is  going to play bingo with yesterday’s squares… Welcome back Mrs. Wallace, welcome back. Say hello to “the RAGE”… over on the Hardball repeater [it’s re-run hour] say hello to Hugh Hewitt —and over on the RT, please tell John Ackerman to go fuck himself—with love* of course.

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