… and the spouses are in

And the One-minute warning is coming up.
Time Stamp: It’s A.M. Joy time [Screen-Captures  follows  ]

Uso justo de todos los medios. Fair use of media.

Uso justo de todos los medios. Fair use of media.

Right now, it’s 3:16 [CET] Donald made his first interruption for the sake of “they’re taking our jobs…”

:19… Trade is not the only challenge
Hillary Clinton

:21… Nothing will ever top NAFTA
Donald Trump responds

[First, ‘wait  Lester’ moment… “we are not done]
From Hillary Clinton

It’s FACT checking time
the audience cannot help it,
instructions to stay out of the reach
of the microphones is a difficult thing to reach.

Topic: Your Taxes

The Trump Loophole for the Trump-Up
Trickle-Down economics
vs. Broadbased economic plan

Donald Trump is in a big-ugly Bubble
Right now, Trump is in the topic of Taxes
he insists he filed a form [100 page]
and that he is still under audit.

The tailgate party from the Trump camp
is responding to Trump whistles inside the hall

Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t pay any Taxes
Hillary Clinton

That Makes Me Smart!
Donald Trump
Etc, etc, etc…
Then he went on to ‘dis’ the Philadelphia Airport

Probably because you never paid taxes
Hillary Clinton
Fact Check
…Hillary is glad that his dad never did business
with the Trump, because he doesn’t
pay the contractors he has hired
Fact Checked

[White House or Hotel]
I am going to get to Pennsylvania Ave.

The “Other” Race factor
…for more Sports go to Aljazeera.com

The Gun Epidemic is the Cause

We need Law and Order

Lester Moment
Fact Check
on the Constitutionality
Racial Profile…

Hillary Clinton talks about the Prison Porn factor
she is glad that
for profit private prisons
are out of the tax dollar loop.

SuperPredator factor on Gun Control

At 3:57 [CET] both candidates agree
“One murder is too many”

Hillary reveals that she prepared for the debate,
“and you know what else? ”
For President of the United States
[part of the audience claps].

And now…4 O’clock
The birther issue
[what about the racial healing]

[no healing on this side]

When they go Low,
We go High
Hillary Clinton channeling FLOTUS

Topic: Securing America

Putin is playing a very long game here

Donald makes mouth-farth noise

“It’s comments like that” moment
[regarding Donald Trump invitation to the
Russian President to Hack american citizens].

ISIS is beating us at our
own game.
Donald Trump

Clinton calls for more air-strikes
on  ISIS…
Vows to take out ISIS/ISIL leadership
and disrupt the propaganda

Fact check moment
on Wars in the Middle-East
and Northern Africa…
Who supported what, and when
[hint: Donald was on board with all strikes]

The “we pay a lot of money for NATO” moment

Call Howard Stern and Sean Hannity
“I have a winning temperament”

Clinton invokes Art. 5 [NATO]
Recalls the use of Diplomacy
and Trump’s taunting of Iranian sailors
Nuclear tweet factor, regarding Trump’s temperament

[Regarding Nuclear Policy]
“Let me tell you something… BIBI is not happy”
Donald Trump recapitulating on the Iran nuclear facility factor.

Hillary will stand up to bullies
and honor America’s values on how to strike
“People around the world pay very close attention”,
Clinton said, with regards to our election
and to get a hint of what we will do.

… and now, a brief Stamina clap for Clinton
Trump crowd followed using a whistle of
“Bad Experience”

The Last Question:
Will you support the Winner of the American Election

This election is about you, [the American people] not us
Hillary will respect the will of the voters

“I will make America great again”
Donald Trump is on the record, saying that he will support
Clinton if she wins.

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