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¿Dígame don, de qué variedad va a querer su Lemon?

¿Dígame don, de qué variedad va a querer su Lemon? | Uso justo de CÑN en Espagnol. || Uso justo de todos los medios… Watanegui consup—lupipati lupipati.

Good morning. It’s Monday, September 26th —2016.
Tomorrow, will Americans reading the USA today newsprint
get to play Tuesday morning “mariscal“.

“Who knows… i don’t follow military ranks;
i’m just here for the free popcorn”.

Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo.
Night Correspondent.

I told that i would —do— the "dshes"… | Uso justo de todas las señales; analogas o digitales.

I told [you guys] that i would —do— the “dishes”… | Uso justo de todas Las Cremas… análogas o digitales.

TimeStamp: The original 11th hour… on Central Europe Time. “The” next time that “the” hour hand on the Clocks’ is at this same position it will be “the” 23rd hour. Right now, armando barbas internship at asegovia3 is dwindling_down to an end. Right now,  armando  barbas  is looking at his options  [out there] in the wilderness.

[Context with the Blue Angels follows]...

[Context with the Blue Angels follows]… Uso justo de TODOS LOS MEDIOS.

TimeStamp: 1300 hrs. CET…
Meanwhile over at La Porte de Versailles, a deluxe car show extravaganza is getting ready to play its act. Yesterday, Parisians and Franciliens closed a lot of Mr. Haussmann byways and HigHways in order to take a little stroll. Today, Le Parisien asked it’s readership if your deodorant could be a source of harm  for  to you arm-Pits.

Here’s to each and everyone who
struggles with every fucking letter of
The English language… and it’s its Electoral math.

Gumbo, —gumbo, —gumbo…. because it’s broth —and not the frosting on the cake, that really matters.

Uso justo, just a little, de todos los medios y de Mr. Tenderness.

Uso justo, but “just a little”, de todos los medios y de Mr. Tenderness.

Up next: Maureen Dowd. Our favorite Rabbit Fighter; and respect, for the ↓ last quote ↓ of the American History guy ↓on the segment below.

[Jessica rabbit and geeky guy screen-grab follows].

Right now… it’s the 1400 recap [CET].
THE BIG question all over the world is this:

Who will be
the first to KNEEL
at the cue of The Pledge of Allegiance?

TimeStamp: pink martini time … 17:50 [CET]

—There you go again…
Un guy named Reagan.


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