Hola WaPo… ¿Qué tal?

Nope, i don’t sleep upside down.
Blood rushes to my brain.
Full Disclosure, i enjoyed the balloon joy
of whippets. But upside down Rush —not my  thing…

“Truth being stranger than fiction,”

[Context from el Primer festival Viva Mexico, y sus Encuentros Cinematográficos… follows]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… Contenido vía ↑ la BBC↑… shoutout was vía Le Buzz de Burgdorf over at early morning MSNBC… Yup! it works… and there is a sort of echo chamber in there. ||  Donald, don’t think that i haven’t noticed you, using my intermissions, intermezzos and bathroom breaks for your fucken show. Keep it up. Please. You Slobo humping rich blond pig… Fair use of hair hues given the hair shake-down news. And in conclusion… for this block, consider the following: if innocent ‘for TAX Purposes’ lies are going to be shaded with whiteout™, and paper-pushing crimes referred to as ‘white collar’, then it’s time you give Blond —a bad name.

i’ll have you know that an up and coming [mexican] film maker, del Godinazgo Institucionalizado, indirectly encased me
as a Frankenshtein mexicano, —yo no duermo…
“The most consequential election” of my generation is unfolding
as my fingers piece together this blog… te recuerdo corazón [de melón] que si la perra es brava [hasta à los de la casa muerde]. Em-pero, que si la perra es bravalos de la casa la hicieron.

Let’s turn the page.

Buenas Tardes tengan [desde aquí] sus mercedes allá en el Zócalo
Hoy es el 16 de septiembre —2016.
En París, hay nubes cargadas con agua que amenazan con
quitarle la vista a Selene. No importa. Para eso están los interwebs.

In Syria, the insurance awareness “no casualties of War sign for X-number of days” gets a reset.
In Brexit nation, the friction between Ecuador and Sweeden just keeps on giving… Pardon Chelsea Manning Already! And get another chunk of the BERNIE SANDERS vote.

Coming Up: When OranginaMan helps kids Stop Smoking Camels…
Advert follows: stick around [the artificial sun machine]. TimeStamp: 14h 35m CET … Jesus.H.Fkng.Christ!!! it’s color lover day… [eclipsed clarity for The Last Word follows].

[Context of Bankers running the United Nations Environmental programs, follow]. | Uso justo de un actor, y de la ficha amarilla.

[Context of Bankers running the United Nations Environmental programs, follow]. | Uso justo de un actor, y de la ficha amarilla.

The ↑ above ↑ is not the advert of OranginaMan, the above is just a commercial of opportunity, which caters to the J.P. Morgan Environmental Lobby, —at the U.N.— according to Aljazeera.

Right now at the FIP freq’s:  “It’s Enter the Dragon” day. [Note to staff for when they return from vacation: insert Howard Dean presidential run soundtrack here]. TimeStamp: the 1500 hour in Central Europe Currency.

The following is not, we repeat IS NOT a GTO commercial:

[Go-ahead_play-yourselves]… Uso justo de todas las minions con botas y las coorporaciones —Total.

[“Go-ahead_play-yourselves”]… Uso justo de todas las mininas con botas, y las coorporaciones —Total

We head straight into the 17h in Central Europe Time and the FIP freq’s continue to give —and— stamp my letters with a “Return to Sender”. “No Such Number”.

Dear DA’man:
i need some fresh beer, and some cat litter for my kitty. If you enter into my den again, please do me a favor: close the window behind you. Right now, while i go to the Monop—i’ll leave the door open for you. G’head, Mr. DA’man, like the Buzz-Feed-de-France* —go ahead and play yourself.

* Disclaimer:
Le Buzz-Feed de France is not,
WE REPEAT is not the same concept as
Le Buzz-de-Burgdorf. Please don’t mix ’em up.

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