Dear Cousin Joe, it’s the 18h here

… and i have to relay to you guys that three here, will not be making it to your show. Sorry. It seems that some spirit at chez Βoleskine likes me. The Mighty Mighty Zep just posted a nice —very nice— graphical take on that ‘thing that should never be,’ and as you are well aware of, by now… i’m a-gonna play it like 800 times, so with all due respect: might a Rain-Check, be in good taste?


Tus tres vecinos de al lado.

Hola, faltan 15 para las 7 y lo que quedó pendiente en la edición Matutina sigue aquí de un jalón. En la Edición Vespertina.

Good morning… It’s timeline shifting time and we cross into Saturday Morning.
TimeStamp: 0500 hours CET

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