Paul McCartney returns to the Capitol…

in El Ey,
or does he?

Its It iS Friday, August 19… 2016
The National Sleep Foundation*
por: armando segovia

… in any case, Time and again Morning Joe
filed a complaint. They claim that all he
could hear and see,
was a backmasked recording track
“Turn me on dead man…”

Coming Up:

what’s  up  with  all these anonymous ]  trolls  on  the  interwebs… Armando Segovia reports.

No se vaya… quédese con nosotros.

[An ad from The Milk Council, disguised as a PSA  fellows  follows]…

Anuncio: Leches Finas.
Empresa: SEAN PENN “International Productions”.
Segmento: La novela de las ocho.
Departamento: CISEN — DEA network.
Agente Encargado: Zacarías González Ignarritu.
Advertorial Coordinator: Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo.

Says who? Insurance:

* The National Sleep Foundation is not associated with any pillows, or any pillow selling campaign.

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