As seen on a purgatory waiting room wall…

Dear Donald J. Trump:
You are a fucking Asshole.

Dear Morning  Maddbrough  [sorry]
Let me try this again…
Dear Morning  Maddacki   [Ughhhh]
One mo’Again
Dear Morning  Maddow [Yeahhhhh]

Technically, ©TRMS®¹ shows around the Telegraph Metro [Line 11] at around the 3 am hour. Mika, on the other side of Morning Joe’s spectrum, provided First Thing that she is not doing her Europe thing doesn’t say ‘Good Morning… it’s Friday, August 19, 2016  until the sundial is at the 12 o’clock hour of the day.

[Time-lapse imagery follows].

Having stated the ↑ above ↑ sentence, this blog [Kitty my dear, you know my name…] is not [WE REPEAT] is not associated in any way with the Mr. Peacock crew… or it’s its brand.

[Time-lapse imagery follows… think annotaded bibliography].

 Furthermore, the staff of this blog didn’t even realized that they are All In for an asparagus laced menu [in “any context²“]… even if those “aspersions” are part of a Weapons-Deal-Gumbo_with-Mexican-Narcos… ‘asparagus’ —we’ve been told— are a good source to build character… In collusion  [Ughhhhhh] IN CONCLUSION, the staff of this blog is conducting trials to figure out if asparagus are good for developing Hardballs.  

Footnotes context follows…

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