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Mardi, 26 juillet 2016
Speed-writing snapshots —in Real-Time
por: Armando Segovia

"What's love got to do with it"… Karaoke night in Phlly… courtesy of the usual suspects: the back of the bus warriors of MSNBC.

“What’s love got to do with it”… Karaoke night at Philly . com. | Image courtesy of the usual suspects: the back of the bus warriors of MSNBC.

T-minus 365 days.

Coming up… Unity with the Hardball crew:
Did Geno’s Steaks finally remove their “no English no service sign“? … Stick around, The Chris Matthews Show will let us know.

Digresión for the “Shank of the Evening” with Brian Williams:

Al Día [a newspaper in Philadelphia] won’t let me misconstrue the following statement: I [armando segovia] didn’t get to line-up for a bit of the so called “comfort food” at Geno’s Steaks [a hoagie joint of the cheesestake variety in South Philly]. Resentment against foreigners taking over the business[es] on the Rocky Balboa’s morning run [scene] prevented non-English speakers from eating [in 2008] at that Philadelphia landmark.

8 years ago, i [armando segovia] spent one of the most memorable summers of my life next to Love Park. I love Philadelphia, but globally speaking i wonder if the next time that i drop-by Geno’s, the crew [at that corner] is going to take my order with a S’il Vous Plaît at the end.

TimeStamp 1000 hrs. CET [time-now]

Sources follow… while the above [news were breaking, the News Broke again. This time in the Normandy region near Rouen.

[ Image capture clicks of Melissa Bell follow…
TimeStamp 1800hrs time-now]

Los Ataques… a la orden del día. | Uso justo de France24.

Los Ataques a la orden del día. | Uso justo de France24. | Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Andrea Mitchell was covering the Bernie Sanders protestors—at Liberty Mall.

… en breve,  regresamos  con:  Las  Sesiones  de  Franken y El Show de Silverman.

En este momento otra digresión…

Please. Don’t shoot the messenger, and with the same token don’t go around hating on the troll. Sarah Silverman is right, —you guys— are being ridiculous.

But on a more serious note, or rather a series of remarks made by the Commander-In-Chief just a few weeks ago, while Air Force One was making the rounds through Japan, it turns out the Barack Obama was right —you guys:

look, the world pays attention to the U.S. elections. They pay more attention to our elections sometimes than we pay to theirs, because the United States is, as I’ve said before, at the heart of the international order.

The above [] was the answer that President Obama gave to a correspondent named Carol [according to a transcript from the White House press office, via Google —of course].

Given today’s* events in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvrayit seems that American media [inside the continental United States] pays no attention to occurrences of “the international order”… at least, not during the political circus that is taking place right now.

You guys at Rockefeller Center are being ridiculous. | Uso justo de MSNBC y France24.

You guys at Rockefeller Center are being ridiculous. | Uso justo de MSNBC y France24.

*In Philly it ‘s not even prime time (21h) yet.


Sunny Philadelphia… Fair use of a World Clock over the Interwebs.





We now time-shift some imaginary time lines to usher in the last Wednesday in July.

Source on an Internet page:

“My dying wish is that
I don’t waste my dying wish
like this guy did.”

Philadelphia Magazine commentator  [].

Fiorillo, V., “Joey Vento’s dying wish: keep “”Speak English”” sign at Genos’s”. Via: http ://www .phillymag .com /foobooz /2013 /08 /30 /joey-ventos-dying-wish-keep-the-speak-english-sign-at-genos/

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