Big Boss Man | The Law Enforcement Entertainer

Those binoculars look like Frogs….

is there people out there?
Yeah?—where are they?—I can’t see ’em! I hear you.

Oh. Wait a minute, wait a minute [son]

if you give me a little time I will make two rounds [see]

I’ll be, back-there-and-up-there-and-over-under-and…

yonder-and-up in the ceiling…”

Elvis Presley 
Dragonheart 1974
Full [ mirror ] album.

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Heard at a doughnut shop:
“You’ve gotta try these… ‘Original —my ass— Maple Bars'”
…no transcript exists of this conversation.

It’s a funny world… Erdoğan in Turkey demands the EXTRADITION of a businessman in The Pocono’s… Hermione says: Get in line, bitch… HENRY KISSINGER IS FIRST!!! |  Video y opinión por: armando segovia / segoviaspixes (París-2016). Copyleft.

Stay tuned… Live from Cleaveland’s [a Real Estate joint in Paris].

Lawdy Miss Clawdy… I'm all shook up. | Uso justo de una Rana.

Lawdy Miss Clawdy… I’m all shook up. | Uso justo de una Rana. | Oh-Lord_God: the ‘big-boss man’s” LePence —en France?…

TimeStamp: 1100 hrs. Central Europe Time.

“… Wait_a_Minute-darlingI will be-back-There-in-a-moment!!!“… Only Fools Rush In… right now, this blog has to go back to Aguascalientes TV [en Turquía] via Aljazeera… BECAUSE THE REVOLUTION, well, you know… right —you guys? The revolution will not be televised.

TimeStamp: High-noon FIP time in Central Europe…
FAP time is reserved for the 2016 RNC 

Paris, is alive: A guy named Lester Holt. | Fair use of French Radio Reflections.

Paris, is alive,.” Said a guy with the MSNBC stage name of Lester Holt. | Fair use of French Radio Reflections… [Raquelito: Context Follows].

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