Weekend Supplement — Pet Sounds on The Beach

Sábado 11 de junio, 2016

Think of all the Animals you ever heard about…
an Intro & Outro.

Cierre de semana con Donnie Jay Deutsch.  Uso Justo de Comedy Central, CBS [vía Youtube] y de un Ojo en el Medio Oriente.

Client: Raquelitos Bar and Grill
page: #9
advertorial coordinator: staff

[Context follows]… right now is time for Housekeeping & Math… don't go away—We'll be right back. | Uso justo de los medios.

[Context follows]… right now it‘s time for Housekeeping & Math… don’t go away—We’ll be right back. | Uso justo de los medios.

TimeStamp: 1600h CET [timenow]


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