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The Spirt of Strom (America First)
and the optics of Maddow: “You need to know this.”
2 troops_in_khakis and 5000 boots_on_the_ground


Cinco-men…tarios, and A NEW SCRIPT. | Context follows… stay tuned.

Meanwhile back in Iraq, el  Viejo  Biden  le da  otro giro  al legado de  Dick Cheney…  y [a] la noción de que el buró de la vice presidencia de los Estados Unidos era inconsecuente.


Escuadrones empalmados: Lucky Luke and the continuing fight for Mosul.  |  Context  follows…  watch Rachel’s space.


1. Private Troops in khakis. Via SwissInfo and TRMS http ://www .msnbc .com /rachel-maddow /watch /biden-in-iraq-amid-higher-us-troop-presence -675976259517

2. Truthiness en el buró de la vice presidencia de los EE. UU. [gringos]: http ://wikiality .wikia.com /wiki /The_Spirit_of_Strom_Thurmond

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