… after midnight, Rachel Maddow is going to spell it.

Momus meltdown mojo. Only on MSNBC.

Wisconsin Poll Closing promises to be a Momus meltdown mojo moment of math. Only on MSNBC… Credit for Meltdown & Mojo goes to Nicolle Wallace.

02h50m CET
According to a New York journalist, Donald Trump is a fan of 1980’s Heavy Metal band Living Colour, and probably of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini since he models his regime as one DISCIPLINED by The Cult of Personality.

In other news, Brian Williams confirms that the voter ID law is in fact playing a role in this particular election.

03h CET
The Chief Inspector has closed the doors. The election is too early to call…

Ideological polarization in the U.S. is not supposed to work… according to Chris Matthwes Matthews... the system, he said, is not supposed to work like it works in Europe.

03h15 CET
Chuck Todd: We are a Republic not a Democracy.

Mathematical models make good on the projected winners at 03h20 CET:

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz

… “for the record, she once dreamed about work.”
Brian Williams at 5h45 CET on TRMS comment
about barely having any time to sleep on this election cycle
before having to be back on at it.

6h CET recap
Hillary was cordial and in The Last Word she is the picture perfect portrait of profesionalismo… The Trump camp finished the night in El DUCE Mode, crossing his arms and doing a duckie lip pose…

Sanders, on the Hard Ball side of the house finally has momentum.

The New York journalist of the night turns the papers to California on some golf course. Speculation on what Trump is going to say if he doesn’t get the nomination ensues…

This blog agrees with Mr. Matthews: there is an éstablishment within the democrats, and its last name starts with Clinton, the R. no longer applies.

6h20 CET
Is Sanders a tool to keep Hillary on her toes???

No, what you are witnessing is the floor being raised, said the commentator sitting to the right of Chris Hayes… Joy Reed. Reid.

Voting in Wisconsin is like getting pulled over and going through a TSA interrogation session said Jacob the reporter, Mr. Matthews then reflects on what we are learning about Democracy… 06h40 break.

06h45 Ted Crux outreach gets air time.
The Crux Campaign PR outreach is trying to add fabric softener to Ted Crux hardline religious values… WATCH what TRMS and Samantha Bee [Full Frontal] have to say about that.

Coming up: how to buy a nomination with post-office jobs.

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