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And, Saturday Morning Car•Tunes, with Tiff Cross… can you please Make It Make Sense, WHY? Why in the fuck is James CarVile so ugly, and why did Georgia elect two Demo’s and then… and then curtail the voting rights!!! WTF! That’s like Running for mayor in the 2nd Greatest City in the world (NYC) and eating pizza like a Parisian at the Café de Flore or at the Two Maggots.

It all started on the first week of March (the 8th Day) of 1421, when Nancy Sinatra decided to take a walk.

… [A]nd Jane Fonda says: Hey, Bitch! What’s Going On? 🕶 33E060A6-A3FA-4698-8627-B5D867B32F0F 🧜🏻‍♀️ Don’t take it peronal, Tú y tú, you know that when the plébiscite is not in Session this is how you talk to each other.

Across The Atlantic:

Richard Lui discovers a Place called something other than, Méso-América… and then the Queen of Spain got wind of it, and so there was only one thing to do, and that of course was to have the French invent the antiquities auction markets of La Bourse… and oh, l’Ironie… it is based on a translation from the Royaume–Uni et la interpretation a été faite par un certain Sauvage. It’s A Pattern! WE GOT A PATTERN GOING ON here, doña Malinche.

And still to arrive, fip .fr brings you the SciencesPo “Pedobear” anthem, why? Because that is what fip . fr does, it’s eclectic (of course) it’s what they do. Don’t blame Mí, Öüï just relays the hits, that’s it! And, Eye (that motherfucker) has no say-so when fip . fr BOOTS “walk too fast”.

Ladies in Gemini, in the role of Jane Fonda:

It’s Solidarity Night in France… order some Take-out. 🥡🥢 And Richard Lui, i know for a fact that the good people not reading this blog are going to misread this section like a Motherf❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️, eh! But check it out, below the intro below you’ll get Manuel Ojeda’s point.

The Reverend Kasie Hunt

Deer-£¥ Beeloved, it appears that today is The They of the A•noun•ciation and tomorrow is the They of Emmanuel, o como dicen en Texas: Corpus Christi.

With that in the chamber, and the safety off, pThe Great State of Colorado held the first hearing for the individual who went into a supermarket and donated his clothes to the Salvation Army. Notable in the hearing was the heroic appearance of that gentleman’s lawyer in the courtroom.

Notable also, but in a different circuit, The 46th President of the United States of America will be giving his first press conference. Now, if you have not been paying attention to this month’s theme (Victoria) much has been drafted at the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Political Strategies, people who work there have been advocating for a sort of, kind of, similar strategy such as The Marshall Plan for The STEPPING STONES below the Chinese explores and Sinatra’s daughter.

Now, because I STARTED THIS MOTHERF❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ blog with one base covering the illegal traffic of “military style” weapons during the Obama Administration… and The Plan Mérida, which made a lot of military and political figures a lot of Ferrari’s, Eye is hoping that the current Vice does not make the same fuck-up’s as the current president did in 2006, as a Senator, of course, Madame Vice-President.

Dear, President-elect Biden (46), please note the following

Dear, Sir,

Recordando a Agustín Lara

Agustín Lara said it best, and Toña “La Negra” interpreted them words like when Aretha demanded “Respect”. This is Music History 101 para principiantes.

Congratulations on your “Gacelas” for the D.C. press corps answering system, very “Jefe de Gobierno”, indeed. It’s a good move, heck, i visited el D.F. when AMLO was the head of government there, I used to like López Obrador… until he turned into [AHORA SÍ, mis negros] into a “tropical messiah” with Marcelo Ebrard as his lap dog.

https ://www .efe .com /efe /america /mexico /las-gacelas-escoltas-de-lopez-obrador-cuyo-modelo-podria-volver-a-imponerse /50000545-3697182

https ://www .wsj .com /articles /biden-names-jen-psaki-white-house-press-secretary -11606688271

https ://dw .com /en /pope-names-first-african-american-cardinal /a-55761557


Just because my administrative trial against the Prefecture of Paris is over now, it does not mean that

a). The elements of the story that got me to France in the first place stop making headlines, so, with this in mind please relay to your future Attorney General of The United States of America that we will be keeping a close eye into this you-wash-my-hands and everything is back to The Plan Mérida THEYs:

For the record

For the Record, Rachel Maddow is the Resident Expert on all things TOLUCA, including its delicacies and its Uranium storage facilities… look it up .:. 859909A3-B9D6-40CA-B22B-D5CD60CABD7A 🗣 However, consider this a new way to cover this angle of covering the news about Mexico without mentioning FRANÇOIS HOLLAND bargaining chip in the Zodiaco.

b). “Watch This Space” ⏳ … and never mind “the wisemen”, because they fucked-up the Greatest Victory of all time, and yes, Mr. President-elect, i am talking about the Military–Industrial Complex… which now has morphed into a Media–Information Juggernaut.

The Century of the Common Man (excerpt)

“Some have spoken of the “American Century.” I say that the century on which we are entering—the century which will come into being after this war—can be and must be the century of the common man. Perhaps it will be America’s opportunity to—to support the Freedom[s] and Duties by which the common man must live. Everywhere, the common man must learn to build his own industries with his own hands in practical fashion. Everywhere, the common man must learn to increase his productivity so that he and his children can eventually pay to the world community all that they have received. No nation will have the God-given right to exploit other nations. Older nations will have the privilege to help younger nations get started on the path to industrialization, but there must be neither military nor economic imperialism.”[69]

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Henry_A._Wallace

P.S.: Please don’t be a fucking Harry S. Truman, because you Sir, have the opportunity to restore Vice-president Henry Wallace’s vision… do you remember what it was? Of course not, you are from Delaware and probably have an (on-the-side) mailing address in Liberia. Yes! Liberia, Africa; ask /r/documentaries why. Do that before you continue having the pundits express their delight in your administration’s plans to re-join the Paris Agreement.

Estimada “Rayuela” en La Jornada… Charlie Hebdo (n°1424) says hello to the épitaphe de hoy

The Thunder of GUNS torn me apart*


Righttttttt… what are you going to call it THIS time? The Fast road to Escondido on a Furious rally rant?

“¡Ay Dios mio!
¡Tan lejos de ti
y tan cerca de
Estados Unidos!”
Rayuela, 6 de noviembre, 2019

This is a BLOODY Message to:
Monsieur, Yannick ALLAIN
Chef de la section rédaction du 11ème Bureau
. Thunderstruck as played by “Steve y las gaviotas »…

Don’t shoot the messenger, AUSTRALIA is the ENEMY.

4 de agosto ( ¡No se haga Güey—SEPA MÁS!!! )

Con el Sello Oficial de la Federación:

No se preocupe Sr. Gobernador, ahorita—corriendo
le corregimos el error de sus pinches alcaldes

A través de el Gobierno de la República
Administración 2012-2018

H&K | intercambio

Fair Use of Media | Uso Justo de Los Medios para ilustrar el tipo de cambio en ventanilla (16.42 pesos mexicanos por cada dólar del “PLAN MÉRIDA”… a las 10:05 hrs.)  La imagen del fusil de asalto y los accesorios que le acompañan fueron sustraídas desde los encapotados cielos de Ciudad Juárez, en el Estado Grande —de Cesar “El Chihuahua” Duarte. Vía

Que conste, aquí tiene usted un repuesto “de más alto poder”

Y para asegurarse de que luego no los acusen (a EL PRI)* de faltar a las Convenciones Internacionales de los Derechos Humanos, o de andar pisoteando la exclusividad del MONOPOLIO de VENTA de ARMAS en México, la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional anunció que canjeará (legalmente) los balines de metralletas** que una compañía (de productos que sirven para matar) vendió fraudulentamente al Estado de Chihuahua, —y sabido por todos ya— a otros tres tristes territorios [Guerrero, Jalisco, y Chiapas] en la  turbulenta República mexicana.

Destacan entre esa tercia de tierras calientes, el Estado de Guerrero, lugar con el que gracias a los fusiles marca Heckler and Koch se abatió el discurso de una muy aventurada campaña a la que por cierto, grandes agencias publicitarias (de la talla de Time Magazine, and The Economist—faltaba menos), le pusieron el  Mexican Tiger Saving Economy Moment —o algo así— protagonizada por el Gobierno de Enrique Peña Nieto… Operación “Tigre Azteca”: enter de Tiger’itzl

Cierto, ¡muy cierto!!! y sabido por todos gracias a los trocitos de “SEPA MÁS” [no se haga WEY] de RTNews, que los productos de la compañía europea, resultaron fáciles de pedalear a través de su catalogo de  represión  de seguridad nacional en lugares donde, explícitamente, le fue PROHIBIDO hacerlo, y precisamente; por asuntos y cosas que —en un país como México— van amarradas al Gobierno, actualizadas por la Impunidad, y archivadas en los anales de la Barbarie.

En fin, Heckler & Koch, durante el Gobierno de Felipe Calderón (Partido Acción Nacional) fue como el cantinero que tiene la receta ideal para un coctel bananero. Ideal para embriagar a la industria del miedo y de la seguridad nacional. Si chocan —no es culpa de ellos; total, se paga una multa, se corrigen los libros con el nuevo administrador de los seguros establecidos por Acuerdos Estratégicos y/o de Colaboración Económica, —y ya.

Ligas para enlazarte:

Los alemanes —que saben— concluyeron que el modelo de asalto en cuestión, un G36 es “inservible” por un defecto estructural de precisión “a la hora de los chingazos“, dicen.

De Tagle, O; El Chapo’ pudo fugarse por los protocolos de derechos humanos: Gobernación. Animal Politico:

Balín, M; El ejército tiene más de 70.000 fusiles como los que Alemania retirará por defectuosos. El Diario Vasco: