Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the 11th office

You, like Chris Matthews at “dee” MSnbc’s hold the keys to the ARchives, check the e-mail records; keyword International House in Philadelphia, PA… city of brotherly love.

South Park took orders

South Park took orders.:.6DDD54A1-FE86-437B-B60B-20BA0C0C2117 •|• from Mickey Mouse… this is a Real Time (motherfuckers) Thyme Delayed message to all BattleStations: Mexican Joker follows.

... Cousin Joe's secret Secret follows. Only on the Rachel Maddow debate Show.

Anygüey, monsieur, little old Mí have no way of knowing what your CREDENTIALS are, but you, sir, have every resource to Know every step that i take; for now, anygüey and yes, Eye feels fine. Check the record.

... and then, Eye saw her standing D.A.R.E.

… and then, Eye saw her standing D.A.R.E..:.71078F2D-14C4-469A-94D1-038AA2DAE244

Monsieur, ALLAin, here’s the thing, you Sir, are inclined to produce a formulaire for the French judge at the Admin court which, perhaps, hints in a VERY Louie the XIV (hypocrite) way at what my CARÁcter is, in accordance to arranged books and testimonies. Eye say fine and in the next attachement to the court, you “sir” will find out why your Character “shines” in the same way that the Court of “them” Louis sparked when their motherfucking heads rolled off the Memotine.

the CreaThors of
The Book of Mormon

The beardles beat-less pundit

The beardles beat-less pundit.:.AD6836AC-0AAC-40FC-9157-E2E0C0DBF051 |•| Ari is nothing but A Sounder, is Eye lying, Archive place holder; just Ask Erick; but don’t make him (Eric Holder) furious, offer Cartman some “willie gohmer” Tegrity Asparagus.

Deer Ari Melver, the Three-o’Clock shade does not suit your costume. So, either let the pelos grow, or shave the “Chompiras” look of your mug. Eye needs a Lawyer, and that’s a fact.


Estimada “Rayuela” en La Jornada… Charlie Hebdo (n°1424) says hello to the épitaphe de hoy

The Thunder of GUNS torn me apart*


Righttttttt… what are you going to call it THIS time? The Fast road to Escondido on a Furious rally rant?

“¡Ay Dios mio!
¡Tan lejos de ti
y tan cerca de
Estados Unidos!”
Rayuela, 6 de noviembre, 2019

This is a BLOODY Message to:
Monsieur, Yannick ALLAIN
Chef de la section rédaction du 11ème Bureau
. Thunderstruck as played by “Steve y las gaviotas »…

Don’t shoot the messenger, AUSTRALIA is the ENEMY.