Ladies in Gemini: el panteón francés

Seriously, stop it… Ewe are not a Circus Animal, Mr. Ed., and please!!! Someone Please Take Away the keys from that HenRi fellow, it’s pretty clear that he’s a fucking Mustang Driversomeone hand that motherfucker a DATSUN and keep’em away from the Harley-Davidson version of horses-asses on FO’Wheels.

https ://www .nature .com /articles /d41586-021-02081-w
Hilarity ensues when Cecil B. DeMille runs out of parasite meds for the horses on his Egyptian set.

… Eye wonders what ever gave Them that idea, Gustavo*: “Canicas”, side B track 4. M° Balderas.

https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /politica /asi-espiaban-amloesto-decia-el-expediente-negro-de-los-80

Warning, the Sturgeon General of the United States suggests that the following entry (*per your request*) is be labeled *NSFDemocracy* and with that in mind please keep in mind that Öüï has no control of how the Stars are arranged in the French Hollywood walk of fame.

Por Ejemplo, Mr. Banderas:

The Ukraine [🇺🇦. Girl[s] really knocked Mí Out!!!

Trou 🕳 Story!

Hello Mr. Bald_win (This is an Intermission, Ok?)

Ladies and Gentlemen

Con ustedes:

Michigan García

Fair use of a media jingle: who wore it best... y por supuesto de todos los Yahoo's.

Fair use of a media jingle: “who wore it best”…  y por supuesto, de todos los Yahoo’s.  —|—  Michigan García aparece por cortesía de Miguel Garcia, y por supuesto, Juanito Guanavacoa en la Fréquence Paris Plurielle¹ 106.3

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